What does mean word: rekt?

Right this.

I see no successful abducts.

Also, “What does mean word: rekt?” lol


Because I took 3 points into the warpblast?

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Yeah, I believe he is saying that he is ‘not impressed’ by your 3 in Warp Blast build/stage one win.


Ok, erm, I’m sharing it especially because of the time.

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Bonus points if you used a silly skin like the Clown Fish or Cosmic!

Question: Did you rush the cooldown reduction?

I had a similar game during the Hyde/Wraith challenge, but I rushed the DB. I ate the Corpse right in front of them. -__-

Have I read wrong… Or did this also take you a lengthy 2 minutes and 13 seconds to do this?

Appears to be, mine was roughly the same.

I am not a high level player though.

Cosmic skin…

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Nope, I rushed damage, it’s a wraith trap and it’s 100% win there.

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Ah right… well… colour me unimpressed then :smile:

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Was that to me or @Mammoth_Bird?

The OP :smile:

I don’t get these kind of bragging threads. You either played people well below your skill level, the ability is over powered, or you imbalanced the game with a wildlife buff… or a combination of any of the above.

I’m glad the OP feels good about himself, congratulations and everything on crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in this scenario, meanwhile there are probably 4 hunters that just felt a bit of their love for Evolve die away.


Perhaps we’ll hear the other side of the story in the anonymous thread!

Edit:Typo… I hate my phone.

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Which story? There is no any story about this game.

I took Wraith, 3 points in WB, rushed dmg buff, killed them. That’s all.

I’m just saying that this game was the biggest rekt. Why are you all so unfriendly?

I don’t know what was their real skill level, they were all lvl 40 that’s all I know. I don’t know these guys.

Eh? It was a joke about the Evolve anonymous thread.

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