What does fuel efficiency do?


I don’t notice any change with that park (not even with 2), at least not for the thrusting. So does it do anything? (I’m pretty sure it does, since why would there be a useless park right?)


It’s not used when dodging (Thrusting). Just when you hold it down.


Length of Duration…

Metaphor time…
A fuel efficient car will get you 30 miles per gallon
a non fuel efficient car will get you 18 miles per gallon


They are the perks they use to “tinkerbell”


Wait, isn’t tinkerbelling when you stand still and double tap space so you thrust up high? I lived a lie this all time!


Yes you are wrong, “tinkerbell” means hovering in the air for insane amount of time


I would give you a like if you had used proper units :slight_smile: