What does everyone think about warpblast? Underpowered?


It seems a bit slow and obvious compared to the other two skills. I’m thinking about a 2-2-2-3 build with 3 in nova. But if I can’t justify 2 in warp I might go with 3 in decoy. I feel like when you’re caught in the open, a warp blast into the hunters then jump away while they’re knocked down would be really useful.


What is your opinion on Aftershock?


Honestly, I never played the Kraken. I haven’t paid much attention to him since I’m not big on ranged.


Aftershock is the one ability I NEVER invested in during the big alpha.

If Warp Blast doesn’t get a radius tweak ( for it to be bigger of course ) then I probably won’t use it either.


Agreed. It looks lackluster at the moment, although there hasn’t been a lot of video feed regarding the ability so hard to judge without hands on/more footage. Easy solution. Open up Wraith for Beta :smiley:


So much hate towards aftershock Q.Q but it was so gud!!


It’s not that its terrible, it’s just pretty lackluster as a 4th option for most people. I’m not the biggest Banshee Mine fan, but I found more use in those than aftershock. The nice thing is that everyone has different playstyles though. So what I don’t like, someone else may embrace :slight_smile:


It’s pretty strong. You can combo it with every ability. Use Decoy to distract and open up on the hunters from a good vantage point in the middle of combat. Pounce a Hunter and warp blast right onto him when you are shot off. Warp blast, abduct them before they hit the ground and pop the supernova. Abduct and Warp Blast to the exact point they dodge away from you.

If you see it coming from a good distance, it’s easy to avoid. But so is Leap smash and Lightning Strike.


Aftershock kind of defeats the porpuse of playing Kraken wich revolves around maintaing safe distance from the hunters while dealing massive damage from a range. Thats why it not that popular because Aftershock feels more like an emergecy tool to use when you find yourself trapped out of stamina to fly away.


From what I saw I didnt care for it much, but that may just be because we saw limited footage made by new players. Maybe once I get my hands on it I will love it :stuck_out_tongue:


While I agree it isn’t the most flashy ability Wraith has, I think it will prove awesome for a bit of initiation and large separation that abduction can’t provide alone. I don’t see myself maxing it, but I definitely think it is worth having a point.

And hey, I LOVE aftershock. That was my trump move that let me turn cocky hunters to piles of ash!


I’m thinking that if I take warp-blast it’ll be for speed farming, teleport into wildlife - blow them up while doing so - and get my pretty wraith vacuum filled up. Much as I hate to say it abduct will probably be my least used skill, such small targets and my eyes suck enough as is.


For me Warpblast is skilled but not underpowered.


Question- Can you abduct anything? I know you can abduct all Hunters, but is there an effect they can use to block it? Also can you abduct wildlife, and if so, ANY wildlife? Could I drag a Tyrant or a Crowbill into the Hunters?


Honestly, the warpblast radius looks a bit larger than the aftershock radius even with two points in it.


The guy in the video that @Mike2621 brought up in (Wraith Gameplay) shows abduct hitting a mammoth bird. I think it may be limited to sneak-pounce-able characters/wildlife though.


Aftershock gets such a bad rep… It’s all about weakening a few of the hunters with the Lightening and then dropping down on them with sneak to bring the Thunder!


The Gamespot clip I saw last night was the first time I saw Warpblast used and explained. It looks like a smart move to power up because if the Wraith is in the middle of a squad of hunters, uses warpblast to start a combo and follows it up with Supernova? Damage chain. It also seems like a good way to get enemies off of you.


I’ve seen warp blasts miss very frequently on wildlife. It MIGHT be an illusion, but it seems very tiny to me.


See but I feel like a warp blast will push the hunters away from your supernova.