What does DiCE stand for?


Ola Ladies and Gents. For those that are unaware, you can find all the details about DiCE here:

Originally, I had made a name for the community play day, but instead, I’ve decided that I would like…

to name the event.

So, the question I ask you guys:
“What does DiCE, Stand for?”

This thread will include ALL name suggestions. On Sunday, (April 24th), I will make a seperate thread for the community Poll, and I’ll announce the winner DURING the play-session, and the name will be permanently changed.

Feel free to have fun :slight_smile:


Dammit! I thought you were talking about this :frowning:


Done Improperly Can’t Edit

Daisy in Cabot Extreme

Dome in Competitive Expierience

Don’t invite Canned Earthworms

Deep in college excitement

Dug in; Can’t Exit

Dumb in complicated extremes

Die inexperienced Community (of) Evolve


Don’t Ingest Coca-cola everyday!


Don’t initiate, communicate, Everybody!



Dank inexpensive Cool Earbuds


Now that I’ve actually read the entire thing here are my submissions:

1: Deem In Core Emet

2: Duals In Combat Evolution

3: Dangerous Inheritors Come Eat

4: Developing Intelligence, Comes Experience

1 and 4 are for fun, 2 and 3 are real as steel


Don’t inject cocaine or ecstasy.


Hey that’s DiCOE


Demonstrate Insatiable Crow Extremes


Of course you would haha



Since its a FA tournament where you put pros and new players together to just have fun I think

D - Demonstrate
I - Inspire
C - Communicate
E - Evolve

all things that could help newer players get the hang of the game.


Dank Intelligent Conservative Egrets

…I don’t know either.





D imensional

i nterference of

C elestial

E xistence

D imensional

i nterference of

C elestial

E xtinction


D ark
I ntergalactic
C reatures
E volved

/ my two cents…


Lore inspired concept:

Data Intensive Celestial Experiment // Data-intensive Celestial Experiment

“This makes me sound like a badass” concept:

Depart, Investigate, Capture, Exterminate


Doesn’t look like the poll was put together yet, so bumping to see if anyone else wants to enter. :smiley:


lol i totally forgot to make the poll, I’ll put it up tomorrow XD
I knew i was forgetting something yesterday!


I’ll do one more :stuck_out_tongue: