What does "Context Corruption" mean? (pic included)


So I’m playing as the monster and I’m doing pretty good, already at stage 2 with minimal health loss. Then I lose connection to the match (nothing new here lol), but when I get back to the menu screen I see context corruption. I’m just curious what it means because out of 300 matches this is the first time I’ve seen it.



I got the same thing today too on Xbox one



Blind guess but I assume it means your machine forgot which server it was playing on.




Wtf is this? I play on PS4 and it happens to me quite a lot, most notably when I’m playing as Behemoth.
Actually more notably than that, when I’m winning >.>

It’s really annoying it doesn’t happen all that often but it sure as hell seems to decide it wants to do it when I’m doing really well.
Only seems to happen as a Monster also.

Can anyone who’s experienced it tell me if it’s just YOU that gets kicked out or does everyone? Because I’d hate to think the Hunters get to keep playing, thinking I chickened out.