What does a sneaking Wraith look like from a hunter's perspective


Playing as Wraith I do often hide in the bushes sneaking. To my surprise hunters can not spot me all of the times, so i wonder, how that bush is looking like with Wraith in it? I know the monster has small silhouette and low profile but what are the machanics of hiding? Do bushes literaly cover monster’s body making him hard to spot or beeing in there just makes me invisible? I would apreciate some print screens of Wraith hiding in bushes from the hunter’s perspective :smile:


You’re just so tiny and your skin color is just dark enough you just look like a part of the bush. Until you reach stage 2, then your butt pokes out and look like a bush with tentacles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So i gues its more likely not to be spotted while in stage 1 than than 2 and 3? And also i cant find anywhere in the webs a screenshots of hiding wriath nor i havent had chance to meet a sneaking wraith when i was playing as hunter. Or have I? :smiley:


What i like to do is sneak into a bush then do a quick sweep with the camera, if you cant see yourself, the hunters wont have a chance


I will definately try that