What do you want - Post Launch Hunters


With all the attention focused on the 4th Monster, what do you want to see in the next set of hunters after launch? This can range from characteristics or load outs you want to see.

I definitely want to see a female Assault character, it’s due for one!

I’d also like to see more exotic sci-fi weaponry similar to the Lightning Gun, step away from the standard shotguns, assault rifles etc. Plasma, autocannons, lasers, particle accelerators, is what I want to see more of for weapons.


I second the more female characters notion. A female Assault would be awesome!

More exotic weaponry as well, with new unique mechanics that will make each game more interesting.


Wait, if more hunters get released will the current Tier 1, 2 and 3 get expanded or is it going to just increase to Tier 4, 5 ,6?


I think they might be counted as tier 4, etc. But I’m pretty sure the devs confirmed that you don’t have to unlock them, so they kinda act like tier 1 characters


More exotic weapons for sure. If the lore allows it maybe some more hunters that aren’t human? Aliens or more robots or something like that.



All joking aside, I’m all for an alien species Hunter found on Shear deep underground which hasn’t been awoken in centuries and has some sort of “God/Superiority Complex” because it’s so ancient and has powers that even the current ones can’t achieve so it acts all high and mighty! I’m already starting to think of quotes for it:

When downed: I am NOT injured! I am merely playing dead for the enemy. . .yes, that’ll do nicely.

When the Monster has evolved: You might have become more powerful, but I am still WAY ahead of you in the food chain! HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

Conversation on the dropship with Hyde:

Ancient Being: Prepare yourselves, Mortals, our time to destroy the enemy is at hand.

Hyde: Call us “Mortals” one more time and I’ll roast your ass back to the fuckin’ ancient times!"


Regarding on the topic of alien hunters, maybe we could have a Mutant from the Mutagen Wars who defected to the humans and Cabot recruits him.

The possibilities. :smile:


Bearing in mind, ALL of the Hunters besides one are aliens which is Caira who is from Earth but can still be regarded as an alien in the lore since she’s on another planet!


I think by that time with humans colonizing a bunch of planets already, the definition of alien would be someone that isn’t a human.


I like the idea of ancient beings and instead of weapons he just shoots things from his hands.


I have this idea for the same Hunter who can summon a sigil for the Hunters to stand around that heals them until the Medic decides to place another one somewhere else or if it’s destroyed by the Monster. :smile:


A melee Assault Hunter. Think Zero (?) from Borderlands.


Yeah or he throws balls of fire as a primary attack and his real damaging attack is a meteorit that falls from the sky


a female support, maybe blonde russian or something. I’d also like to see an actual type of alien guy, but with the personality of a human.


I want a support that is just like Hank who really protects the team. Offcourse Bucket and Cabot help the team but i allways get the feeling they only help alot with tracking and doing some damage and thats it.


I really want a Trapper who’s got some sort of sci-fi equivalent of an 1800s elephant gun.


Would her name be Tatiana Romanova?


If they do a female assault I’d prefer to see a real workin’ class gal, not some Hollywood starlet. Someone who looks like they can take a beating and dish one out in turn.


a long time ago i asked for bows. idk how to implement but im sure TRS could figure out a way to do it.


I love the idea of a an alien hunter, maybe one like Garus (?) from Mass Effect but more organic that shoots particle beams? I think TRS could incorporate it into the universe. I also love the idea of a hunter with a bow and arrow, maybe one that can toggle between explosive, fire and normal? I also like the idea of a hunter with a bait grenade, like the puke grenade from left 4 dead. You hit the monster or near it with it and wildlife attacks the monster?