What do you want in the next Battlefield game?


I made a topic about “What do you want in the next Battlefield game” because i have seen some talk about Hardline and i was thinking to make an own topic for it…

Before anyone says anything, i can say this topic is OFF TOPIC in case some one is saying something else ^^

What i want in the next Battlefield Game:

  1. Dont turn the next Battlefield game into realism warfare.
  • People wanted the Blackhawk, M16A3, M4A1 in BF4 but guess what DICE said…The US army is not using those weapons/vehicles so we give you the M4, M16A4 and the ugly Venom helicopter cause thats what the US army is using LMAO.
  • In BF4 you can throw your grenade as fast as CoD does.
    DICE should do you have to switch from your weapon to your grenade then you can pull the pin out and throw it. (similar to how you pull out your grenade in insurgency).
  1. Better Gadgets

  2. Different weapons/Vehicles on differents maps

  • Instead of having F35 on every map why cant we have F16 on that map or F18 on the other maps etc.
  1. Must be able to use WW2 weapons or Vehicles.
  • like MP40, Type100, Bar, Tommy gun, flamethrower etc. and a working WW2 airplane on a old airfield or WW2 tanks that players can use (They are not as strong as the modern vehicles but they can still kill you).
  1. More classes
  • Sniper class that only can have Sniper rifles but also wears a Ghillie suit
  • Demolition Class
  • Breacher class
  • Recon Class
  • Assault Class: can switch ammo type (AP, HP and Standard rounds)
  • Medic Class
  • Support Class
  • Engineer Class
  • Spec-Ops Class Can use scuba diving gear and can dive how deep they want in the sea .
  1. need more maps
  • we need more maps that are balanced and not 70% of the vanila maps are Armor killed themed maps
  1. Jets has to have better physics
  • like in BF2 if you turn to hard or break to much you will start falling as fast as a rock and NOT as the papper shit they have in BF3 and 4.
    and the jets has to return to the base to re-suply.
  1. Rush game mode MUST be better improved and not the Copy and paste shit.

  2. Dont have shitty Levelutions like the stupidly long sandstorm and Dust that are in siege of shanghai and Gulf of Oman. It ruins my Battlefield experience and it is a GPU sucker.

  3. Have Better DLC like BF2 had

  4. Transport Trucks

  5. Tank Destroyer must return and improved a bit.


  • Next Battlefield game must have a better Netcode then BF4 and BF3. They should have Tickrate of 60.

Well that was all of my ideas atm, whats you ideas for what they should add in the Next Battlefield game?
Please add some feedback on what you think about my ideas or ask questions if something was uncleared or something :slight_smile:


Manually have to open doors/breech & clear (why is this something I even have to request!?), ALL roofs have three access ways (chopper, ladder, elevator), take the whole genre back to WW2, allow control of ships or other large aircraft again, stop nerfing everything into the ground, BALANCE THE F***ING CHOPPERS OUT, more aa guns on the map similar to how aa in 1942 was, and bring back a map similar to battle of Britain (all time favorite BF map), defibs only work on teammates killed by non headshot small arms fire, take out lock on weapons like stinger/igla/heatseekers or any other weapon that locks on without an actual laser designator.

Nice, long list for you lol


I’m all for anything you guys said! But what I REALLY want is Bad Company 3, thank you very much!


Anyone remember the days of Delta force Black hawk down or Joint Operations? Need games like that again, no tons of fancy gadgets just a few guns per class that you could master rather then 300+ guns each one just a hair bit different. Maps that were not all urban, you had a good mix of jungle and urban, and not to mention WAY better net code lol.

I am waiting on Rainbow Six Siege now instead of the new battlefield, since at least from the way it looks they have a better game then what hardline is going to be. But time will tell i guess, i am very leery of how dice/ea are going to the point I am going to avoid even star wars battlefront, it kills me to say that but unless they really improve i do not see the point in feeding them anymore more money to beta test a game for six months after its launched lol


Are these ideas and requests, or a wishlist? Lmao


A little mix of everything, a wishlist, a rant, and a complaint lol


Oh by the way, sorry to be nitpicky but there’s a typo in the title! It says “Battlefied” instead of “Battlefield”! :open_mouth:


That’s because Battlefield has been battlefied which according to spell check isn’t a word but I say it is! lmao


Hey if you say it’s a word then I’ll say it’s a word then! Sounds good though! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well as someone who loved Battlefield since 1942…I would LIKE for DICE to start caring about quality and QA more than packing 50000000000 weapons and gadgets into the game. BF4 is a disaster for the most part, it’s nearly dead on PC with the only servers being the cluster**** maps (Metro and Locker).

If they ever go back to a “Less is More” design and focus on getting hit detection down, balance anti-vehicle weapons so that vehicles aren’t useless deathtraps, etc, that’d be great. But honestly BF4 was my last BF game until this happens, especially since Hardline is essentiallly a mod. If you want a good crime shooter that’s MP, Payday delivers a lot better experience overall.


1941? I knew of BF 1918, 1942, 1943, and 2142, but never 1941 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ding ding ding ding! Bad Company 2 just had a certain magic that none of the BF games since have managed to capture. This video really does a good job of explaining why.


BF3 was decent too imo but I agree there was definitely a certain “magic” to BC2 (never played BC1 as it wasn’t on PC). Rush was my favorite mode and it really has only ever worked well on BC2 imo. In BF3 I never cared for it, prone and very low health made it too easy for defenders imo and the map design wasn’t as interesting as it was in BC2.

And yea, that video nails it. Less weapons = more meaningful choices, map design was superior, actual hit detection, true dstructibility, etc.


I played a TINY bit of 1942 but didn’t really get into it. BC2 was the first Battlefield I really got into, and it was amazing. The destructibility in that game was so great.


I loved how BF 1942 had EVERYTHING in the matches. You could control destroyers, battleships, AC carriers. You had heavy bombers blistering with turrets, you have huge maps, and the game has balance, but not unrealistically nerfed items. Also miss my bayonet and my jet pack from official expansions


Battlefield 3, was too shinny and blinding, and annoying with all the blurr effects and washed out tones…

I never tried Bf4 but I heard it was a mess.

I just want Battlefield to stop trying to take away call of duties audience and just do its own thing like it used to.


Agree with them copying COD, but I enjoyed the suppression system in BF3. It’s almost non existent in BF4


my only issue with BF4 is that snipers practically have a flashlight as a scope… and helicopters are still broken since BF3


Yup, I don’t like how unrealistic the sniper scope glare is. Wish they’d model it a bit better to be realistic, but that might give snipers on some maps an advantage so change the location of the sun in each match. And yes, helis just can’t seem to find the happy medium between unstoppable and flying wood coffins


Yup, they went from gods of death in BF3 to, as you said, flying coffins.