What do you think they have done wrong!


So hopefully the developers are reading this and we as fans can help them out and fix any mistakes they have done.
This game should of been bigger than it is but I feel along the road they have made one too many mistakes and have lost a lot of fan because of this.

I was massive fan of left 4 dead and was playing it for years after the release but I really don’t see this game lasting that long for most people.

So lets help them out and make sure the next game they make they don’t mess up.
This game is a good idea but its not taken off. Why?


Not exactly sure how to help, it def needs something.
Gameplay wise a few things need buffed or nerfed.
I feel like Maggie and Griffin need a buff. Not maggie herself but daisy is an idiot most of the time.
I like Griffins sounds spikes but i don’t think monsters should be able to sneak past them.

I think most people are just tired of running around trying to find a monster for 15 mins just to have it reach stage 3 and kill you. I know they say its about 50/50 in the stats of monster and hunter win percentage but that can’t be when the monster is stage 3. I would say once a monster gets stage 3 its about 75/25 in the monsters favor. especially if its a wraith.


They made a game too based on skill so everyone who is bad at it comes here to complain about how the game isn’t fair instead of actually learning to play.

Harsh but true.


Sadly, that’s true. :unamused: It isn’t a mistake, I’d say, but it is true. And depressing.


I think when the hunters work as a team Hunt is a good game mode.
put your mini map on and try to work out where the monster is headed and cut him off, the game its self works well when played with a good team. Which I think is one problem that I don’t know how to fix if you have one player letting the team down you are in for a loss especially if its your medic I guess its a balance problem. You cant buff the hunter as when you have 4 good players the monster is fubar.

maybe adding more stages of evolve but not sure how that would work


Yea, I’m just a little bored of the doomsday threads.


I like the game and its good but im wanting the next game they make to take off better


I think this belongs in the feedback area. but w/e.

the list of things this game needs is far too long to type up in a single post becaues you dont think about all the flaws until you see them. And after youve moved on you forget about that praticular flaw.

for example: I just had to reinstall the game due to a game breaking bug that I havnt seen happen to anyone but me. for w/e reaons all ingame character models were gone. restarting the game did not fix it. shift - tabing did not fix it. everything else in the game was there. Textures, maps, text, menus, videos, everything but Hunters/Monster models. Idk how it happened, but it happened, and I had to completely reinstall the game to fix it. And no “Verifying Game Integretiy” did not fix it.

The cursor bug - obviously

A slightly lesser known bug - for me if I try to set SMAA to “NONE” and hit “apply changes” “yes” and go right back into the same menu, it has reset it to SMAA again. over and over and over again and again it will do this. There is no way that I can find to make it stop doing it.

Optimization - they didnt do any. lets all be honest, they just didnt. I am running a killer gaming rig and I cant play the game on anything past medium or I’ll get massive frame stutter. But on Medium I can play at around 90 fps…wtf… I can play Crysis 3 at max settings 120 fps constant, what makes this game so resource heavy? oh right…they didnt even try to optimize it.

Matchmaking - its aweful. your core game is about Multiplayer but your Multiplayer functions suck. how hard is it to look at successful Multiplayer games to see what they did and copy it? And dont try to give me that BS line “we want to be different”, no, what you want is to be good. If it works and someone else did it first, who cares? Use it! They should adopt a CS:GO style multiplayer matchmaking. Casual matches you just jump right in and have fun. Competitive matches you should set the party up and WAIT for EVERYONE to be in the lobby and ready to go. Also despite what many people think, this game does NOT have Dedicated Servers. You are hosting a P2P connection when you go into multiplayer. Since this is the case, why cant I make my own Lobby where I am the host and let other people join me? The fact that we dont have this option is just dumb.

Im tired of typing but there are many other things that need changing/fixing in this game.


I also feel they should not nurf or buff anything …change no game modes they work well … apart from rescue lol

but really tho …
think about it the DLC pre order and day one mess up they did would of cost them a few fans.


I currently have a problem with no one being able to beat me as a monster, and playing as a hunter is too frustrating in a PUG with people who dont use mics or dont speak english.

I play oceanic servers =/


im not looking for bugs all games have bugs.

Im looking for the reason its not as big as it should be what went wrong. Did they unset to many people is it the wrong time with soo many other games coming out full of bugs and unable to play then been hit by a media storm of DLC problems


I play xbox one and I would beat you as the hunters lol :slight_smile:


Really? If that is true, I’m impressed. I haven’t seen a lot of lag-issues in the game. Might explain why I get often the same people with Matchmaker, too - which can be a downside, lol.


balancing issues obviously.
lack of content.
there are multiple maps but they all “feel” the same.
they are all like jungleish type maps. needs more variety. like desert maps with sand dunes and stuff. or oceanic maps of somekind.
more game modes obviously.
needs to feel more “epic”. I just dont get that epic feeling very often. maybe more players, like all 12 hunters VS all 3 monsters at once. gives it a grander scale. right now it seems small and just doesnt give you that sense of big scale.

idk man. game is a turn off for alot of people. I personally like it for the most part. I know they are “working on it” but in all honesty they should have “worked on it” before they released it.


very true they released it too early and many of start up fans have gone… I got the digital version so im stuck with it big mistake to be honest I would of returned the game by now … due to lack of content nothing else but I feel all points made could improve the game.


The dumbing down of language.* fixed that for you since you seem to care so much.



cry about it


They only messed up two things: Marketing and the ingame shop. As for marketing, the DLC madness caused a lot of confusion and the game got a lot of (undeserved) flak for it. The shop on the other hand comes across like a lazy cash grab attempt since the skins are merely recolors. Seriosly, people have played DotA, Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends and while they’re MOBA games and this is a FPS, each of them games is selling skins. SKINS, not recolors. Skins. If you implement a shop, people expect you to sell skins that make you distinct and that are easy to notice by other players, new emblems and of course new characters, but mostly skins that change the appearance of your characters slightly, not just the colors of your gun/skin and also add distinct visual effects of abilities, so people actually notice you got a skin. Also new dialogue etc. LoL set those standards and people are expecting them. If you don’t or can’t deliver, don’t create a shop because it will only disappoint people. Literally everyone I’ve ever met in this game expected more than recolors and everyone was disappointed with the current skins. Yeah, some of them are okay but honestly I wouldn’t be aiming for “okay”. Character customization is quite important and can add to the longevity of the game as well as keep people motivated (and spending money). Dropping the ball on that part is rather bad and not following the standards set by LoL regarding skins is a rather terrible decision, especially because the game is awesome.

Anyone with half a brain can do some research and find out most people complaining about DLC are either ignorant, parroting the hate, missinformed or simply idiots. Angry Joe comes to mind with his “lets read some shitposting on forums and then emphasise the bitching posts in an over-the-top way to get more youtube views” kind of “review”. The skins on the other hand, have been the biggest bummer about this game imho.


Nah that’s also wrong. The word I’ve been looking for has now been edited in. Yes I care a lot if people talk and write like retards. But I’m so proud of you, that you’re able to stand so truly by your heritage.


idc about DLC or skins or w/e. a functioning game is what i want. too often nowadays game companies feel like they can make 60% of a game, release it, make some money, and finish the game later. no testing. no Q&A. just make money! money!!! wheeee money!!!

when I was growing up and I bought a game, I didnt think “i wonder what bugs ill find”. know why? cause games fucking worked. as time goes on we seem to be more and more “ok” with half assed games. when did this become a thing? someone (meaning us, the consumer) need to teach these companies a lesson. This is not ok. It will never be ok. But we arnt going to do that. we are sheep. we will buy it from them. play it for a few weeks. and move on. its a butter churner of video games.

all other issues aside, games need to be released when they are actually finished. not before.


Hi, new to the forums so hello my fellow players.
Read the post, thought I’d chuck in my thoughts. Also a massive L4D fan and loving this game.
As far as changes go, another monster needs adding. I’m sure everyone has moaned or backed this up already, but I just feel the Goliath is more fun to fight against and the other 2 are kinda similar. Another hardcore monster would have been sweet.

Couple more modes. If like to see some kind of 4v4 like left for dead. One monster and others are other creatures. Even a survival type mode where 4 hunters take on 2 monsters, we will die, but the fun will be how long u can survive.
I loved the main 4v4 mode on L4D, making it as far as you can, making that extra 20 metre dash to try rack the points on for the win. If they add something along those lines.

Oh and PLEASE fix remote play on ps4. The button mapping is awful so no chance of playing when the Mrs is watching some reality bulls***!

But overall love this game. Still brings me back. Still find each game different. A lot of life in there. If they had a big choice of monsters and modes, I wouldn’t play a lot else.

Cheers fellas, see u online.