What do you think the T5 monster abilities could be....?


I was thinking maybe it’s standard movement could include being able to walk up cliffs,terrain but be able to hang upside down and thus do aerial moves on lone hunters straying from their party,now that obviously wouldn’t be an ability unless you wanted it to include an ability takedown.So for the abilities I’d say maybe a spiders web that it can fire out to slow hunters down similar to the stasis grenades but it would probably have to not last as long,2nd ability it can fire out mini spiders that you would aim who they targeted and then they would deal damage to that hunter say a Lazarus or sunny,3rd a 360 degrees whirl that deflects all incoming bullets and ricochets them back to the hunters,4th a toxic gas cloud that when hunters go into have their key abilities disabled like cloaks,acceleration fields,etc for 8s and also you would get poisoned which would amplify the monsters melee attacks on you for more burst damage.

Just some ideas what do you all think should/could be the T5 monsters abilities…?


Would love to see some trap based attacks
Or a ability were the monster could blind the hunters for a short amount of time


What so like your screen would have like a green acidy mess on your screen,yeah sounds good!

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Yea something like that
I would also like to see this thing hang upside down and stuff like that like a spider

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Yeah that’s what I put so he could do some lethal takedowns!

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I got an anonomys leak telling me what all the abilities are!

T5 monsters abilities goes as listed:

I hope this puts all your minds at ease!


I think TRS will surprise us
They could be way different abilities
Then what we think


Yeah probably won’t be anything we mentioned oh well!


I hope to see a trailer soon for it as well
I believe the hunter adaptations will be shown tomorrow in the live stream to,but that’s just my guess


When is the live stream?


Blimey that’s optimistic I hope so would love to see a new bucket or Markov or any for that matter!


Tomorrow starts at 12


Blitz markov
And rouge Val are both confirmed hunter adaptations


Yeah I heard that should be nice addition


The next adaptation will be kraken or Maggie/hank most likely


No its Markov and val…


The NEXT adaptation…

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i like poison ! :smiling_imp:


You mean after Markov & val? Well that’s any bodies guess

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Yes after them, that’s why I said ‘next’, and it is most likely kraken or Maggie/hank due to it seem like they are doing earliest hunters and monsters first