What do you think the 3rd monster will be?


Not sure if it was a rumor or speculation, somewhere along the line I heard its supposed to be subterranean monster like the graboids from the movies Tremors. That would be really cool actually to have an ambush style predator that pops up from the ground unexpectedly and changes the hunt for the team. It should be vulnerable of course but more of a stealth creature as opposed to the Goliath and Kraken, never really revealing itself until its in your face.

Does anyone have info about it?


the only thing wev got so far is that they had an digging feature in goliath when he was scorpid i believe and that the dome is a sphere that domes underground as well. other than that idk what it could be.


I think it’s going to be a stealthy monster cause the devs said there going to be tanky to stealthy monsters in an interveiw ^^


What if the third monster could pick up a hunter and throw him? I think that would be kinda cool. Or maybe one that could disguise itself as one of the creatures in the environment temporarily? How about an armadillo like monster that could curl up into an armored ball that could roll around and deflect bullets and hit the hunters? Idk if these ideas were mentioned in another thread or not, but I think they’re some pretty solid ideas


to chuck a hunter…ah man visually that would be AMAZING LOL


I know, it would be pretty awesome to see and fun to do


specially if you can hold him for a bit. like pick him up run to the edge and toss him in there,.or WORSE into the mouth of a TYRANT lol! here you go my little giant water pet. food for u.


I have no idea what I think it will be, but I would like it to be a digging creature with a sand/desert theme. I’d like to see its attacks have lots of sand involved; maybe a sandstorm ability where sand is fired out of its back and propelled at the Hunters, pushing them back.

Hopefully the third monster will be something nobody was ever expecting :slight_smile:


But, but, but…what about this guy :cry:


I would hazard that it would be something either insectile or mammalian. As for playstyle, I would guess either stealthy or utility focused. Infinite possibilities for monsters keep things interesting!


I think it would be interesting if they made a monster that had an ability that spawned some form of hostile wildlife or secondary targets. For instance if a Spider-like monster could lay eggs and spawn hatch lings that followed it around, or some other types of traps such as webs. They kind of had some traps with the Krakens banshee mines, but they didn’t look very effective at the tournaments. I guess I would just like a monster that could do the majority of its damage from indirect encounters :stuck_out_tongue:


I have noticed both the monsters have been more or less bipedal. It would be interesting to see something that was totally bizarre like a worm


Definitely, or maybe one that had loads of legs like a centipede :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Only thing in the world that creeps me out is centipedes! Dont know if Could even come to terms with using that monster! Lol


I definitely think something along the lines of the Thanator out of Avatar should be added as the “Stealthy” and “Fast moving” Monster! Imagine this pouncing at you from a cliff side or bush!

Would love to see peoples opinions on this!


I could totally see it being a giant panther monster. It would fit the speed/stealth role perfectly, while still being big and intimidating. Not a bad thought!


I’d like to see some kind of worm or insect monster as well, tremor was one if the first horror movies I’ve ever seen as a kid and it terrified me… Only things worse than a giant monster is one that you can’t see because it’s under the ground!


Yeah, a stealthy panther like monster would be pretty awesome. You could prowl around, have a heightened sense of smell, and could be pretty quick when it wants to be. I bet it’ll have it’s own unique twist though. Like a robotic arm that can help him cleave multiple enemies that are in melee range or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s this guy for sure.