What do you think sould be added to the game or you think should :P


what do you think should be in the game:

  • A better description for perks
  • Being able to buy perks in the store

I think that’s all I got :joy:


.bigger maps
.new game modes
.more skins for monsters and hunters
.custom hunter classes


I’m just going to leave this here,

I’ll post more stuff when I get back.


Modes or Mods? If Modes in OG Evolve their was Nest (Hunter Favored) Rescue (Monster Favored) and Defend (Depends)

But if Mods that is a cool idea but opens up a variety of hacking and that’s what TRS wants to avoid :wink:



sorry modes XD


also if possibly a new monster and hunter :stuck_out_tongue:


I want Bob to be fixed already!


same i really want to try him out


######Tier 6
Tier 6

##TIER 6!!!

Plus, while I don’t have a PC and haven’t been able to take part in Stage 2 due to my, “console peasantry,” I hope more than 4 maps will be ready by the time Stage 2 comes to consoles. Need those maps yo!!!


also i want to see more varients to some of the hunters just like Markov and val it would be cool to see a rouge griffin or a older jack or even a version of torvald before he became a cyborg or a future version of bucket all and all it would be cool to see more different versions of them maybe even a ice age version of the The Goliath XD


-more maps optimization, still getting some frame drops :confused:

  • more skins
  • Bob final form
  • lore in character description


why is this not a monster :100:



Because that’s Goliath.


oh cool it looks a bit more terrifying then the one we have


Yeah, monsters were made a bit more similar to real life creatures in order to give them more appeal and relatability