What do you think of MOBA's like Smite?


Just curious I don’t have a lot of experience with them…but apparently Smite is supposed to be really cool. I’m thinking about getting into it. I like the idea of the team based competition and pvp.


I like the 3rd person camera a lot more.
Tru out Fractured space if you like space ships.
Also waiting for Paragon.


They can be fun I like Smite its okay. I used to really be into awesomenauts on PC that was my favorite MOBA like game.


I think they’re awesome!


Eh, i don’t really like smite too much. It’s fun on occasion, but I prefer league of legends much better


Why? Just wondering I’m trying to learn more about these before I delve into one.


Smite is basically one of the few successful MOBAs to come out recently that’s big enough to compete with Dota/League. What sets them apart is the combat is much more fun because it requires aiming of every ability and even auto attacks with WASD/Mouse and plays like a third-person action game but in a MOBA setting you expect.

It’s basically the more action oriented and fast paced version of League, but without the isometric/point click. It’s definitely worth trying and the game has been doing very well and has been well received by players. The best part is that I think for $30 you get every single playable character in the game and all future characters as well which gives the game incredible value.

I haven’t played in like 1.5 years, but I’ve played it when it was in closed beta up until launch and I’d give it a 9/10. The game has improved so much over the years.


Lets just say that SMITE is the only MOBAS I enjoy currently in comparison to League/DOTA.


The fanbases are awful, from what i’ve seen. Overly complex for my taste (or people just tell you to ignore the strategies and just go for metas).


I love smite. I’m not very good sadly lol. But I also have only played pub games. If I was able to form a full team I may like it much more.


To be fair most fanbases are just awful.


I like SMITE and LoL, but am pretty shite at both. I just play it for fun. I’m really disconnected from the meta and all that.


I’m not very good at it… but it’s still a lot of fun. :smile:


I don’t really like MOBA’s to begin with, but eh


I love smite. I play on xbox (trying it on pc soon though :wink:). It is a lot better with friends playing, but you don’t need a premade group to have fun on it. It takes a while to get used to, mainly what abilities to get and when and what items to pick for which characters. It’s fun learning it all though. Let us know what you think of it if you do decide to try it out.


Pretty hyped today! Can’t wait to start playing . Only a couple hours from now.


I stayed playing yesterday and I enjoy it. I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s fun


I’m actually looking to try it out.


Smite is the only MOBA I can tolerate because pretty much all others make you feel like an observer instead of an active participant. When Paragon comes out, I might try it; but it looks like a carbon copy of Smite.

What drew me to Smite, though, was the character roster. I’d wanted a game where I could play as gods from mythology and, suddenly, it appears. Theses characters have reputation already attached to them, and when a new god is datamined, there’s something to be hyped about. The balance is often questions, particularly since season 3 began, but it’s not really that bad. There are gods which need to be reigned in a little and gods which need a boost, but I can’t really say anybody’s currently UP or OP. There is quite a learning curve, though. It takes a while to figure the game out.


I’m a fan of LoL/Dota 2, but not Smite. I can’t really be bothered to learn a whole other set of characters if I want to be good.