What do you think of Evacuation?


Do you think Evacuation mode is any good?

I have been playing some sessions and here’s what I noticed

  • The presentation is good I like the way a map is drawn as an effort to give some sense of location/progression.

  • Variety of game modes that are normally not accessible and map fx are sort of integrated in a map’s narrative

  • map effects are throwing the game balance off track and sometimes it’s clear you’re gonna lose before you start the match

  • The final assault is mostly fun but the waves of minions sort of always tip the scales in the monster’s favour

  • some cutscenes are embarrassing. One guy joining you for battle? The monster feasted on colonial casualties and therefore now has a shield? Sometimes it’s palpable they tried to make up for a legitimate sort of online campaign

  • the amount of map / fx combinations the devs claim are possible are based on ludicrous maths

  • biggest critique is that very often people just quit halfway through or the whole thing crashes leaving you with nothing to show for after like 1.5 hours of gameplay


Over 800,000, if I recall correctly. :slight_smile:


i like the final bit and the bits with normal hunt that got special map effects except when its teleports…


800k that is sliiiiightly diffrent from the others…


Yes, but that’s the fun thing about maths! You can make something decent sound cool by putting big numbers everywhere!


What do I think of Evac? I tend to find it boring. I don’t enjoy being punished for winning, or receiving bonuses for winning. I prefer matches to be balanced; so I tend to stick to Hunt.


A fun game mode with effects and challenges that change up the matches.

Some of the effects are game changing and really shift the balance while some are relatively minor.

Less visible autobalance helps compensate for said effects.

Generally it facilitates more major fights at Stage 2 than Hunt mode, so it can be fun as a more active mode.

Personally I enjoy the cut-scenes and sense of importance and consequence the results of matches gain.


I love evac. Usually when I play MP, I play evac. The different game modes, the different mods, people dropping in and out, the voting, the whole presentation, etc. I like everything about it including the sometimes ridiculous cutscenes.

Side note, Defend is heavily weighted in the hunters’ favor. If you have a trapper who actually uses their dome, you can easily take down the monster before the first objective is destroyed. Anyway, what I’m saying is, the frequent minions are necessary to give the monster any chance at all.


I don’t like Evac. I think its a Hunters game to lose. Monster really doesn’t get a vote, so I don’t know why that’s there. I still think Nest, and Defend favor the hunters not a lot but just a little. I also don’t like no matter what side I am on, If the one side wins 2 days in a row your opponent more often than not just leaves.


I love evac but I would love to see improvements to increase the variety in mode pics, perhaps have auto balance amp slightly faster but to the same cap.


I think rescue can be won by either side. I’ve won and lost equally in rescue mode.

Same for nest. The key is knowing when to hatch the minion to help you fight. Again I’ve won and lost equally in this mode.

Same with defend. As a monster, if I can take out the turrets fast enough and cause enough havoc my minions will take out the generators. But again, I’ve won and lost equally.

I’m not strictly a monster player. I play Hunter more than I play monster. I find that I can win/lose equally with either side


That’s why I prefer to play with friends. We like to play round robin with the monster.


I don’t think the game modes are balanced. Not saying monster can’t win, but not easy. In Nest with a good hunter team I find I have to fight stage 1. If I go stage 2 I only have 1 or 2 eggs when I am ready to fight. I do pretty good in nest even having to fight stage 1, but I don’t think any gamemode should almost make a monster fight stage 1. I am not just a monster player this is me saying this isn’t balanced coming from a hunter team. The premade I play with I think we win I would beat close to like 85% of are nests matches. I know I can’t say all the monsters we fight are good, but I feel hunt is always closer. On rescue I never see anyone vote it ever. I only play it when a bug happens when I am just playing hunt. So out of the 15 times I have played it as monster i have never lost. Out of that 15 I think only 3 of those where premades, so I can’t really say anything about rescue.


Evacuation sucks, why? Monsters leave which restarts the day progression. I only did custom Evacuation vs bot monsters because they don’t leave and it gave me more exp than hunt. After I reached lvl40 I never touched Evacuation ever again.


Evac… I dunno. I like to play a session or two when I get toghether a group that can play semi-decently. Pubbing in Evac is even worse than in hunt though.


I can’t get past Day 1 as a Monster…Everyone quits cuz I DOMINATE! =D

So no Evac for me. skirmish ftw.


I like it, but I will quit right away if I’m trying to get monster and I don’t, cuz I won’t play five games as hunter when I don’t want too, but I have sometimes won the first round as hunter to be put as monster the next to win the next 4

I also find the handicap system to be stupid, you win you get a bonus and they get stronger and you get weaker, think I would rather that win bonus

Defend would be harder on monster if the trappers would dome, but 95% of them don’t, cuz against a good team, defend is a good challenge for monster


My only issue with defend is that the hunters can die infinitely and the monster can’t. So if you dome them even if they win you come back. Over and over.

My suggestion would be reduce the strikes until death. Maybe give the hunters one strike before they die instead of 2


Good on paper, sucks in practice
“Play all these awesome different gamemodes!”
Hunt, Nest, Hunt, Nest, Defend.
“A whole bunch of effects!”
95% of the time its an unnoticeable effect, until hunters win on distillery, then it becomes seal clubbing simulator 2015 (really hate that effect >_>)
“Compete for survival”
For maybe 2 days until hunters rage quit because of how badly you stomp them out.
I’ll stick with skirmish ^.^


An alternative to this is having a defend mode for the monster, if the hunters beat the monster on points, you have stage 1 restricted monster(s) defending a huge nest from the hunters who have a certain number of lives each to destroy it.

Round 4 points would then really mean something for us at level 40.