What do you think killed evolve?

I am a firm believer that TRS has developed one of the best games to this date. I believe that if a company made this exact type of game with all its flaws polished out, then it would be one of the top played games on twitch. I think a smart move for TRS would be to finish B4B to bring back the unhappy, after that, work on the next evolve type game in a different universe, similar to what they’re doing with B4B. This time, fix all the errors before releasing the game.

So the question is… What do you think killed Evolve?

A few major things I think killed the game are as follows:

  • Advertising as a competitive game and not releasing the game with a ranked mode.

  • Not having instant domes on the trapper upon release to help against the “walking simulator” feel.

  • DLC upon release.

  • Having a monster that could go invisible for a long time in domes (unappealing to the casual).

  • (Deleted per violation of forums)

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Definitively one of the major reasons why I think the game had had a backlash, the community was overhyped before the game launched, and then the hype turned into hate because of the “day 1” microtransactions.
I’ve never been witness of what happened to Evolve when it launched, but with all the researches I made, I can be sure that I know about the events.

Then because of the backlash it brought, there has been large amounts of videos putting the blame on the game because of the microtransactions (they were just cosmetics, yet it was enough for the game to be bashed)…but what triggers me the most when it comes to this subject of putting the blame on Evolve is that the community put the blame on the devs and not the publisher for the microtransactions.

You’d tell them that 2K Games published the game, everytime they say “I didn’t know it was published by 2K” and some are even so blind hateful that they blame the devs no matter what info we tell them.
It made those people obssessed with hate, I’ve even been called a “shit fanboy” once on JeuxVideo.com (a majorly known french media on videogames) just because I was trying to tell them it was 2K Games’ fault and that TRS was not entirely responsible for the microtransactions.

Another reason that was rather minor at first but that I believe cumulated over time were the unbalance callings.
I don’t know how many people called the game unbalanced because of either minor things or because they lost a single game to then uninstall it. There were of course unbalances, but the devs were listening to the community…but the community was so impatient that it slowly vanished over time.

"Nerf this! Nerf that! Buff this! Buff that!", there was so many of these topics in this forum, so many argued about the characters, I even was part of them I believe.
But I’m not the kind to leave a game because I don’t get healed or get stomped by experienced players.

Now the ranked matches, they were badly managed IMO. When you were a player with enough experience to play and were in silver/gold rank, you felt forced to win because losing in a ranked game in Evolve could hurt your rank quite hard. Winning in these rank would only grant you a few points bellow 10 most of the time, and if you lose, you’d have high chances of losing more points than you can win in 3-5 matches.

This is what made me dislike the ranked mode, but I kept playing in ranked anyway because I was a tryhard in this game. In ranked mode, I was tryharding so much that I could feel my heart beating as hard as ever (maybe the hardest in my life so far, I’m not joking), and when I lost matches, I was mad because I knew it would make me lose a lot of points.

Then came Evolve: Stage 2. The game turned into a F2P, but it was exclusively for PC players. The game started well until the casual players were stomped by the experienced ones, especially with the Wraith. I once saw someone with a win-streak of over 40, the first days I played Evolve: Stage 2, and he was playing the Wraith. Then the next week, the Wraith got nerfed into a more balanced character, but the community was already getting smaller when the 1st weekly update came in.

The weekly updates were what kept the players into Evolve: Stage 2, but it was still not enough to keep most of it over time. I don’t know what to say about what drove the players away from Evolve: Stage 2.

And then, 2k Games’ backstab, right before the Glacial Behemoth update. It was a week before this update that 2K Games sent a letter to TRS with written that they are giving the studio a week to work on the game before kicking them out of the game’s development. It was a letter that came out of nowhere, the team of TRS had never expected this letter to come, it was sudden.

So the team worked on the game as hard as they could to make what has been the final update. The big downsides of this update were obviously the temination of the contract between 2K Games and TRS, but also the perks. Grave Robber, Blood Leech, these two perks were supposed to replace the Albino Tyrant’s temporary perks because the Tyrant has never been ported into Stage 2.

These two perks however, were the shame of whoever used them because of how unfairly overpowered they were. They allowed the monster to recover armor, health or both extremely quickly if they manage to incapacitate a hunter.

And after the Glacial Behemoth update, 2 years after the update has been released, Evolve: Stage 2’s server are shutdown by 2K Games, leaving Stage 2 as an empty shell. No more multiplayer, no more fun, no more Stage 2. It was the killing blow…
There is still the old version of Evolve, which is called Evolve Legacy, but no one except the die-hard community plays it. And the players have been always told that Stage 2 would have been brought to consoles…Stage 2 has NEVER been ported to console. Evolve: Stage 2’s servers have been shutdown even if the game was labeled as a Beta!

Now you have my whole chronology about the game and its events. It was a whole rollercoaster of events with lots of drama and very few positive things.


@Dovahkick pretty much summed up what happened.

While it’s pointless to speculate what would have happened if X or Y was changed, I strongly believe that TRS did the best with the resources they had. I strongly blame 2K and by extension Take-Two for the game tanking. The devs may or may not have had a hand in it, but overall, it was breaking new ground, you cannot expect the game to be perfect.

Evolve is to this day one of my most favorite Multiplayer games of all time, it pretty much defined a new genre and broke new ground. Mind you, right now, the genre is wildly unpopular (with very few options that I know of), but in my opinion, given enough time, the right talent, and the right game, I seriously think this genre would explode.

That said, I’d LOVE to see another Evolve clone from TRS without any of the meddling hands of a greedy publisher. I plan on buying or at least playing B4B if it intrigues me enough, but if TRS starts making another game on par with the style of Evolve (4v1), and takes the lessons learned from the original, I’d love to see it, hell I want to see one.


The problem is twofold:

  1. 2K marketed the game based on the merits of being able to spend money on it. Let that sink in. They used monetization as a marketing point.
  2. Evolve had a brutal learning curve, with some very much noob-unfriendly mechanics and characters that seemed to promote a flee-til-3 strategy when that wasn’t really the meta. This made people have trouble with the game itself and become frustrated with it; but because they didn’t or chose not to acknowledge that they just weren’t good enough yet, they used the DLC as a convenient scapegoat. The difficulty was compounded partly by TRS having to deal with balancing a weirdly-structured, entirely new game.

I agree speculating for evolve might be pointless. But perhaps trying to figure this stuff out for the next possible evolve type game could be useful.

Long story short, it was advertised to the wrong crowd (it should’ve been MOBA players, not CoD players) and the monetization decisions made by the publisher (I.E. Greed) was the main reason the game tanked.

Beyond that, it was not noob-friendly (I.E. Time-consuming to get into). The numerous balance issues (and it’s really tough to get that right, even if you carve out the player behind the monster to make it consistent), the way maps were designed (they looked fucking awesome, but didn’t do well in terms of gameplay), and a whole slew of other issues.

That said, I don’t think we’ll see an Evolve clone (faithful to the original design, be it asymmetric or not) anytime soon, but I could be wrong.

I think asymmetrical games have become more and more prominent. Perhaps if that continues, it could be justified to try again. Wishful thinking I know, but it brings me happiness :D.

Agreed, its a matter of time, question is, how long before that happens. That could be a decade before that happens, I haven’t had my hand on the pulse of the industry lately. Too busy with College.

That said, could be a few years, could be a few decades. Hell there could be one in development right now by an indie studio. :slight_smile:

2K owns the rights and they’re run by braindead flatworms, so if they throw their hat in the ring again, it’ll be done poorly and probably with a different IP. Some other developer is more likely to take a crack at it, and they may instead opt to sell it as a PvP Monster Hunter.

Yep. That’ll do it.


Closure warning. Our forums can’t be a platform for insulting our past publisher.


I edited my post to hopefully prevent further bashing, was not my intent for this post.

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I was reacting primarily to a comment about flatworms, but thank you for doing your part. :+1:

Edit: I personally think it’s reasonable for people to have a civil discussion about where mistakes were made, with emphasis on “civil”.

I saw the need to pump the brakes, but I’m working and don’t have time to review our actual policies… @moderators please review thread to be on the safe side

Lack of understanding and people like angry Joe. That’s what killed Evolve.


@ArPharazon is correct. This is over the line enough as it is, if people cannot be civil and respect the fact that TRS is a company that will have many different working relationships this and similar topics will be closed.

Please do your part to keep discussions moving forward.


There was a lot of missinformation that i remember yeah.But still the core problems were there.Honestly i just rewatched Angry Joes video.He pretty much told it as it was.There were a few things he said that was wrong,but ultimately he was pretty right about pretty much everything.
Games were repetitive.A LOT.
If you were playing solo as a hunter it was pretty miserable.He did say that you could enjoy it a lot with friends.As an example, when i was playing with a team we made, i had fun.When we stopped, i played Evolve for like a week more solo.Literally unfun.

The pricing and generally the money was ridiculous.It would hit EA’s Star Wars fiasco if it was popular as Star Wars was.

I mean, most faults that people were arguing about, goes towards 2k’s handling of the game rather than TRS.But the point stays the same.Evolve was a fantastic concept.The way the game was handled it was doomed to fail,even if people didn’t see any videos, and just simply played it.

I respect TRS entirely because they put in effort in everything surrounding Evolve. They earned that respect, and I don’t know who the hell blames them for dealing with 2K when, at the time the deal was struck, they had no red flags to go on (to my knowledge) and the decision seemed reasonable at the time, given that they needed a publisher.

When literally everything bad that happened to Evolve is 2K’s fault–they decided on the marketing and business model, they pushed for the 4v1 aspect which led to the high difficulty spike, and they pulled the plug in the end–any response to their failure and poor decision-making is warranted, so there’s hardly anything uncivilized about calling 2K what they are. I understand the need to prevent a circlejerk but that point hasn’t been reached. 2K is just as deserving of being called out for poor business practices as EA or any other scummy publisher, especially with certain recent things they’ve done that haven’t exactly redeemed them in any way.

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So, given all your observations and criticisms, what would be everyone’s vision for a game that would be what B4B is to the co-op zombie genre (or to L4D in many eyes) for Evolve, then?

What innovation would you like to see in a similar title? What expansion/removal of features or additions of new ones would you personally believe could make this sparkly new title add something to the 4v1 genre? How do you think balancing could be done differently? Should more elements be added into the gameplay?

I believe this is what Girthzilla was, in part, asking that in the OP. I’m curious to see what you guys have to say on that front, if we want to continue this discussion.

Basically, what could break the asymmetrical genre for you (in a good way) in a new title?


It’s more about what ArPharazon said:


Its rather simple actually.Evolve was a good game at its core,or should i say a good concept.

It would be a hit if it was F2P, and TRS would get more time polishing/balancing it.

Game needed more content,and balancing tweaks etc.

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2k’s handling with micro transactions