What do you think is wrong with the game?


There have been so many fixes but yet still people are complaining in matches. I wanted to set this up just to let people point out, 1. What they think is wrong, 2. Why they think it is wrong and, 3. How they would fix it.

I want to kick things off with the Dome. I know a few monster players who are furious with the 1 second dome [one a twitch streamer who has recently given up on the game after months of dedicated evolve streaming]. I thought things were fairly balanced before the Dome was changed, but did nobody turn round and say, oh, well maybe the trapper should actually have a bit of skill? Just like the monster who has to be skilled in EVERYTHING he does, otherwise he gets found? The “let’s have more fights” argument doesn’t work either because has nobody actually thought about the monster’s health pool? Or the fact an unlucky set of birds could ruin the entire game, whereas a longer dome would have allowed room for manoeuvre.

I personally think it’s a joke how much TRS are holding the hunters’ hands. They’ve been given everything they need to beat us monsters and yet they’ve been handed this 1 second trump card Dome as if they actually needed it! To fix this I would either change the duration to 3 seconds or at least trial 2 seconds because 1 second doming is a slap in the monster players’ faces.


Slim and Sunny exist.

The definition of fun killing characters

Remove them

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Val is still a trash medic against competent Monsters.

Damage Supports needs serious tweaks to be favorable picks over Defensive Supports.

CC against Kraken needs a serious look at to slow down his air mobility. Too inconsistent in results and not reliable.


I’d definitely agree with Sunny. I really didn’t see the point in reducing Sunny’s jetpack as monsters were being domed too quickly, but then to reduce the Dome time to 1 second. I know it is used for dodging as well but the whole trapper boost thing infuriates me.


Sunny and kraken are my main complaints.

Both are boring to fight against and obviously the strongest support/monster.

Slim is irritating as well but I heard there is a fix in the works but he doesn’t irritate me as much as Sunny and Kraken

Sunny’s shield drone gets replaced too easily and recharges way too fast once it is set up. Her jet pack booster is a get out of jail free card that is almost impossible to deal with as Goliath who I never play with (I wonder why) and her shield drone targets herself. Given the choice I’d reduce the amount of boosts any individual hunter can use with JPB maybe give 1 free boost or 2 and it over heats their own jet pack rendering it inoperable for X amount of time and reduce shield drones charging speed currently it charges twice as fast as Hanks which is ridiculous since it also shields Sunny.

Kraken AS is way too easy to land since it is impossible to dodge unless Sunny boosts you out or Griffin harpoons it before its over top of you or soon Jack might be able to prevent Kraken from dropping in with AS it is possible to dodge if the Kraken messes up which I haven’t really seen at silver levels by messes up I mean activates it while on the ground or far away from the Hunter when activating AS above the hunter you either tank the ability or waste jetpack trying to dodge it and failing. LS isn’t chosen anymore cause it’s too easy to dodge and CC is still of very limited use against kraken.

I’d change Krakens AS to be something that can be dodged with 2 Jetpack (possibly one if they activate it when you are on the edge the very edge) boosts forcing Kraken to drain a hunters jetpack before using it or use AS as a way of draining jetpack and landing a LS and other combos after that. LS looks slow and is easily dodged when I’m fighting them but if you give it full move speed for the whole duration it quickly becomes impossible to dodge I don’t know how I’d fix that.


The game is fine its just the skill required to score consistent wins is high and most ppl cant accept that they are not good enough… they come from FPS like BF4 COD CSGO and think that if they can aim better they should be better but the game is more than that and most ppl don’t have either patience/time to learn and adapt instead come to forum and whine…

A advanced tutorial would help not the 30 sec videos but an extended 1-2 hr video explaining advanced tactics skills would definitely help…


Kraken flipping the bird to those who thought bodycamping should be punishable to every Monster.

Behemoth’s Tongue Grab leading into a combo you might as well call The End Of All Things but if he doesn’t rely on Tongue Grab he’s absolute garbage.

Sunny forcing the Monster to target switch constantly thus turning the game in a huge cheesefest where either side can only win by relying on cheap nonsense to break through the loop.

Hyde being the best not because he’s the strongest but because he’s not nearly as risky as the other Assaults are when you don’t know what Monster it is.

Matchmaking pretending bad connections aren’t an issue so “Let’s put those Dutch players against this SoCal Monster player!”

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Im fine with Slim and Sunny, my only problem with Sunny is they still havent reduced her jetpack recharge and boost out of combat. I have problems with Kraken because of stage 3 aftershock and body camping, which can easily be fixed by reducing aftershock radius at stage 3 and getting rid of divebombing, and for body camping we could just make his snowballs not do any knockback at all since they already dont do much, so that they wont stop revives.


What’s wrong with this game? In short; the balance issues and the matchmaking. Kraken is too strong, and no fun to fight. Wraith’s melee permastun is a PAIN in the butt, spore clouds, Goliath being pathetic but having super spammy annoying FB; Behemoth being so easily cheesed, but having a prettymuch instakill combo…List goes on, prettymuch. Matchmaking? Ranked is all well and good but when 90% of your players can’t find more than two matches an hour, and the points gained and lost for matches are so finnicky and skewed, and balance issues and external variables- bugs, etc- interfere…It’s not great.

Plus, you know. 500MS.

Plus playerbase issues.

There are a lot of flaws with it. I still love it though.


Kraken is still not controllable with CC. Stasis is now slightly more effective, but it’s still not enough. Harpoons don’t do a damn thing and the repulsor field is finicky, so that does Jack shit. (I apologize, couldn’t help it).

His aftershock is still ridiculous, as it is a guaranteed hit on at least one hunter every few seconds.

Behemoth is pretty evenly balanced except for his lava bomb, which is just unfair now, being able to kill you within seconds as well as covering a huge area and being spammable back to back as soon as one wears off.

Wraith is OK as is, I think. I’d like more speed and less health but she’s pretty balanced.

Goliath is garbage now but I’ve heard he’s getting some love so hopefully that issue won’t be there long.

Lazarus should be looked at, in my opinion. Having to worry about someone being brought back without a strike for almost a full minute seems a little ridiculous to me, but I don’t want him nerfed into the ground. Maybe a few seconds decrease on the body timer or increase on his cloak cooldown. If he’s touched at all, it should be very small changes. Anything more than a few seconds will ruin him.

Slim’s healing needs to be nerfed some. He outheals every medic and becomes invincible with Sunny and CC. Add that to his spores being crippling and the ability to slyly heal anyone not being focused? I know he’s a bit OP, and I love the bug man.

Val needs some way to keep herself alive other than tranqs and relying on her teammates. In other words, she needs to be like every other medic.

Bucket’s turrets do a bit too much damage now. He needs to either do less damage or his drones need less health/longer setup times. They’re too spammable for how much damage they deal now.

Cabot needs a reaload/damage buff on his rail cannon, and he needs the old capacity back. Plus his dust tagging is kinda useless as it is.

Maps need to be a bit less lopsided. Certain maps almost guarantee a win for one side or the other, such as refueling tower or broken hill foundry. I think they should also have more fair relay locations, considering stage three now means nothing more than a bigger target and slightly more damage. And I’m also getting really tired of losing because behemoth cheeses the relay as a result of not having Cabot.

Hyde should have the slow effect back on poison grenades. It was a minor downside to an otherwise perfect assault, and now there isn’t really any reason not to pick him. His minigun is shit, as well. It either needs more accuracy or damage.

I don’t think kraken needs to be able to stop revives from across the dome. He’s already the hardest to keep damage on, he doesn’t need a free kill every time someone gets downed.

These and the bug fixes are the only changes I can think of that really need to be considered.

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rly ppl are still crying about sunny?

hank is stronger since what? 3 months now?

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Sunny cuts Goliath down like a chainsaw and a small tree


Bucket’s turrets damage was reduced they were just made more accurate and longer ranged.

@Fav Sunny is by far the strongest support for getting domes and for avoiding damage she might not deal as much damage as hank or bucket but you don’t need that when you can stay alive indefinitely.


Which… translates to more damage…?


Hitting the monster more often and from farther away results in more dps, and with better consistency. It was a buff to damage, just not directly.


The knockback Nerf a few months ago. It feels a lot harder to focus a Hunter now.

Kraken denying revives with AUTO AIMED attacks from HUGE distances!

The increasing anonymity for new characters. “Here is a 34 second clip of Jack where we don’t actually explain his kit, and here is your receipt.” Especially frustrating when you consider Lennox had a short demo and T4 had long descriptions and hd images. At this rate the last character T5 will be announced on Vine with a riddle playing in the background to announce their abilities.

Hunters can’t crouch. (Not a huge deal but I’d enjoy the option.)

Harpoons being basically useless against Kraken/Wraith.

Kraken pounce range.

Leap Smash and Rock Throw connecting but doing no damage.


But honestly I’m still in love with the other 90% of the game!


The max damage that it could do was reduced so at close ranges you’d get absolutely shredded by the turrets especially as Behemoth or when you hit stage 3 now its more equalized so the stage or monster pick doesn’t affect how strong the turrets are. Buff against Wraith/Kraken Nerf against Goliath/Behemoth.


That’s not really a nerf, considering they now cover a huge area when placed effectively and keep consistent damage on you, particularly if there is a weakspot they can auto aim to. They can now keep you under fire regardless of where you are during the engagement. I guarantee you no matter the monster his turrets are doing more than they ever did before. He’s viable now because he was buffed. He’s picked now because he’s doing enough damage to discourage monsters from staying anywhere near bucket. Oftentimes bucket outdamages assault now. Regardless of what they did, he’s doing more with what he has. That’s a buff.


Center of mass only sadly so only really hitting Behemoths weak points occasionally.


That’s odd. I swear they seem to auto aim. Oh well, they still put enough bullets downrange to hit them. A lot. I think the changes were a step in the right direction, as with Behemoth’s lava bomb. Just a bit too much. Some minor number changes and both characters would be perfect