What do you think is the worst character to be bad at?

Who do you think is the worst character to be bad at?

-Blitz Markov
-Renegade Abe
-Wasteland Maggie
-Electro Griffin
-Rouge Val
-Paladin Parnell
-Tech Sergeant Hank
-Battle Cabot

I don’t think you got your coding quite right for your poll, here. xP

I also don’t think that there’s really a good character to be bad at. I mean, if the hunters have just one bad player dragging the team down that alone can cost them games.


Lazarus? He has a weird playstyle that if not played correctly can result in a monster stomp.

Quantum Caira? She is already not so great that someone not good with her or medics in general would result in a very rubbish medic.

Torvald? Poor aim + bad prediction = next to no damage dealt.

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  • Crow
  • Jack
  • Griffin
  • E-Griffin
  • Abe
  • Maggie
  • WL-Maggie
  • Sunny
  • Hank
  • T-Hank
  • Cabot
  • B-Cabot
  • Bucket
  • Kala
  • Laz
  • Val
  • R-Val
  • Caira
  • Q-Caira

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  • P-Parnell
  • Slim
  • Markov
  • B-Markov
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • R-Abe
  • Lennox
  • Hyde
  • EMET

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Got the polls for ya @BAOH.

I knew I was forgetting one thing. I’ll efit it in.


He’s in.
<EMET sucks, but that’s ok>

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don’t edit your post ever you say though

It’s entirely intentional.

Nice edit though.

Obviously the worst character to be bad at is Kala.

Well, if you’re bad at Hyde and have more than 10 hours played… I think you should try another game, I don’t think this one is for you.

Babot, because he is 100% skill required.

Laz, cuz you are relying off teammates, and if they’re bad then he fails.

Quira cuz same as Laz, need a good team.

Rabe because he can do 0 damage if he doesn’t rotate through his kit, thus the rotation skill makes or breaks him. I’ve had too many matches with horrible Rabes this week.

Emet, because he has 0 self-sustainability, requires knowledge of how to setup buoys, beacon, and use the toss + HB combo to heal players out of range. He needs most skill because of his very dynamic healing.

I honestly don’t understand the question, but judging by the replies, it seems you are just asking what character requires the most skill.

I’m still between slim and tech hank.
Being bad ( or doing bad) at slim is more frustrating than anything down to him being so easy .
Tank on the other side is again relatively simple but if you skip things like not pre charging Shields and refilling in dome when someone is not being focused he becomes useless.
A bad assault will be then end of any team though.

Oh man bad T. Hanks make my blood boil. He’s not that great in domes but if you have a good offensive comp that can take advantage of that extra bit of sustain, he’s pretty good. But T. Hanks who only use their laser cutter (or whatever) and don’t try to recharge shields while teammates are roaching or not being focused is just nerve wrecking.

A bad assault in general will lose you the game, but a bad Torvald is a special case… You canNOT rely on your shotgun only to deal damage. It is shit. And his mortars are really unreliable in uncoordinated teams, and if the Torvald doesn’t know even the minimum principles of mortaring… The team’s gonna have a really bad time.

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It’s what’s the worst character to be bad at.

In other words, what’s the most skilled Hunter that new players should not play.

My boy laz hand down

Slim actually would be the worst hunter to be bad at. Cause if your bad at slim and can’t heal there is something very wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I choose to be bad at all of them!