What do you think is out there in the universe?


I have this gut feeling that somewhere in the universe, out in the far reaches of space, on the outer edges of the galaxy, there is this flower. This is no ordinary flower. It is so poisonous, so toxic, mysteriously deadly. One sniff will make your brain explode.


This universe is made manifest and as such its infinite infinities of different size in and outside of each other in an ever expanding universe. With each day, interstellar flight gets further and further apart. and as such I would think that out there in the universe, another race is sending out robots of sorts as probes into distant galaxies like ours to investigate.


I can’t remember who said it again, and I perhaps don’t quite know the quote completely anymore, but someone once said:

“Either we are alone in the universe, or not. Both options are equally terrifying”


Arthur C. Clarke: “Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”.
It is quite a good one :p.


More universe


A pale, blue dot just like ours. Many, in fact. So incomprehensibly many that we cannot begin to imagine the number of them. On some–just a few relative to the whole amount, but still far too many for us to picture–there are sapient beings just like us; and among those, each asks this exact question at least once in their lives.

Sometimes, very rarely, they realize they all want an answer, and so they consult the stars. They may send a probe or a radio signal out into the cold, nearly-empty depths of the cosmos, desperately hoping that someone, anyone, not only receives that message, not only comprehends it, not only decides it’s worth answering, not only finds a way to successfully send a response, not only sends one in time before the intended recipient dies off, but sends one that can be understood.

The odds are impossibly slim. Just getting a message to someone at all is a phenomenally absurd task simply from the raw vastness of space between stars, let alone those supporting planets which, in turn, support life. But every once in a while, the stars quite literally align just so that, for a brief moment, 2 very different species from very different evolutionary paths can exchange just 2 little words and realize that, no, they are not alone.

And when that curious little species on their pale, blue dot wakes up one morning to find that the message they vainly hoped would get through to someone has, against odds that would make C-3PO’s head spin, gotten a response before they went extinct. History is made on not just the scale of one planet, but the whole universe–2 worlds have communicated.

Ecstatic, the species’s scientists get to work on decoding this message. What could it mean? What valuable information has been returned? Is it a greeting? A threat? A question? With baited breath, the creatures finally cobble together the foreign message. They quiver in anticipation, near to the point of fainting as they at last read aloud the first words spoken to them from across the divide of the cosmos.

Some are afraid. Some are hopeful. Some don’t even know what to think of this momentous occasion. The tension builds and builds until, finally, across the world’s technological web of information, the whole species gets to see in real time the culmination of first contact:

“Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?”


Wouldn’t surprise me if we made contact with intelligent life in our life times. Unless we already have and you americans are hogging all the cool space people n stuff.


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Space, probably.


@Galactoid See O.P.



We’ll likely encounter something eventually, 50-50 shot they may be friendly or not.


Dinosaurs driving taxi cabs while parrots are your lawyers




Space is so unfathomably vast that I think it’d be foolish to ignore the possibility of alien life. With the millions of possibilities that are out there (planets of different sizes, compositions, distance from a star etc), there are probably dozens of outcomes ranging from nothing to everything.

Bottom line is I don’t know, and I eagerly await additional information from the men and women who dedicate their time and money to exploring the Aether.


My mouth is really dry atm, please don’t set me off like that.


I honestly think were alone in the universe. No aliens, no other life even remotley possible like us. My opinion.


Interesting, how did you come to this conclusion?


Clearly he’s a witness and the MIB wiped his memory.


What if the universe is simply an A.I. Algorithm and we a merely some experiment in our universe or just a simple kids learning software about the growth of life. .