What do you think if the Wraith would become


More tricky but less powerful in a direct assault on a full team.

I mean the Wraith is meant to be tricky but in exchange not able to directly attack a grouped up team of hunters, at least that was an impression that tutorial video gave me.

What do you think than about following suggestion?:

  1. WB: make the explosion a cone (say 30 degrees) in front of Wraith in direction of the skill movement. It will make it less of a “nuke all around” and more of a directed skillshot which need to be aimed well and can not nuke the whole team.

  2. A: just fix those stacking bugs…

  3. D: Remove invisibility, buff duration (around twice), make decoy an exact copy of Wraith (same damage, no flicking, no special traces, except it should not use skills), make it so that the decoy disappear only if Wraith use an ability, make the decoy unaffected by SN. Also make it so that the decoy behaviour depends on the Wraith movement when it was used: if moved forward - it keeps running in that direction without attacking anything, if stayed on place - it goes for the nearest hunter it can detect or keep staying on place otherwise, in any other case - behaves like before attacking things when can.

In this way the decoy can be really used to confuse hunters. For example you can send it opposite direction (towards where you are escaping) and the hunters will have to split to make sure that they keep track of you. At the same time without stealth it will not be just a cheap escape.

  1. SN: Make it more powerful (say + 50% damage and duration) but also that it makes all Wraith attacks single-target that you also need to aim well. It supposed to be a tool to execute a hunter you manage to abduct or catch alone, not a group wrecking skill.

I think that the Wraith should not be able to efficiently fight a full grouped up team of hunters but at the same time it should have a powerful tools to force hunters to split and devastating single target obliteration potential.