What do you think Behemoth's Passive is?


It was just posted some monster changes… It says Behemoth is getting a Passive… Any ideas?


It can spawn a cake in the intro match before you can start running from hunters


Less damage on armor plates?

Can roll up walls?

Could be anything.


Itd actually be cool.


OK, so I know I’m kinda cheating by simply having read the forums previously… but it is likely the previous talked about protection from (if I have this the right way around) burst damage. i.e. Behemoth is a tank, and so to actually do damage to him you need to keep the pressure on. Helps to stop those situations of Torvald just laying mortars on to him while he’s mid-tongue grab or something. Or maybe the other way around, can’t quite remember :wink:

Edit: But that was a LOOONG time ago now, could be anything!


What about a sort of vampiric effect? 15% of the damages dealt are converted into armor.


Squirl mentioned a Damage Resistance that would build up the quicker damage was taken about a month or two ago, if we’re talking about the same thing.


Behemoth is currently being worked on as we know, so we only have speculation for you :blush:

I think Behemoth is extremely easy to kill currently, cause a skilled trapper can make him immobile and the rest of the hunters just chew at his armor and HP.


His passive will be to stun hunters when he hits them while rolling and they will be stuck to him until he exits the balls.


Over time he’ll grow longer legs and stand up like a man.It will undoubtedly be disgusting.


I see what you mean, but I think that would be the same end result as reducing damage by 15%, right?

The escalating damage resistance mentioned above sounds good.


Minor health regen


If one monster gets a passive, I say all of them should.


I’m a main Behemoth. I was at 80% winrate before teh update. Right now, I’m sitting at 2-3 with him.

He’s just too slow. His rock Wall is useless now. So, hunters catch up to him and he’s very far from evolving. Not fast enough to run far enough away. Attacks are slow, so it takes longer to kill a wildlife and eat it.

Behemoth is just not up to par with this version of the game.


He’s fat as far as I know, from the extra armor he gets from eating.


Then he will grow a meme frog face along with a giant turtle shell.


I’ve got footage to prove it.