What do you think about the new Steam Workshop store?


Okay, so… this just happened.


Now, the FAQ is kind of not stating it out loud, so let me just plug in that 75% of the price the creator will charge for the Workshop item will be separated between Valve and the company that made the game. The rest goes to the creator.

I personaly have refused to make up my mind on whether I like this or not yet simply because of the initial shitstorm and me believing lot will change very soon, but I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on this - hence the threads name. Go!

So now you can pay for mods on steam

So… you can still provide and download free mods? And people are complaining about people that would like to earn a little bit of cash off their creations? Are the PC gaming community truly this ridiculous all of the time?


Yeah, the price tag is only optional.


It seems to me to be exactly what TF2 has been doing for years? I don’t understand anyone that would think that having fellow players earn some money for creating something that turns out to be popular (and in turn is encouraged to make more cool things) is a bad thing.


People are probably more furious about the best Skyrim mods being moved behind a paywall for now, which quickly scales up the price of the game.

Other than that, the only difference is in how the mods actually change the gameplay experience, even though that isn’t even the case for some of them. The shitstorm is an overreaction. But needless to say modding will get hammered because of it.


The problem is that the modders only get a 25% cut, and free mods are being stolen and resold, and other free mods are being pulled for fear of being stolen, and some mods that depend on other mods are being sold now, ruining it for the free mods that depended on it. The list goes on and on.

They could’ve just added a “donate” button. This is already tearing apart the modding community.



I think Valve and Bethesda are getting a bit greedy. I think it’s cool if modders want to get paid for their work but clearly they get the least cut. Also nothing is stopping some people from stealing someones mod and claiming it as theirs and making money out of it. I think it will cause a rift in the modding community.


If we really want to support mod creators, a donate button is needed, not a paywall with 75% of the profits going to Valve. Not to mention that people who made free mods on the Nexus and such are removing their mods because people are stealing them and selling them on the Steam workshop. Valve has definitely become one of the worse gaming companies in my book. At least we have Turtle Rock Studios.


I think that is a rather greedy move. Getting only 25% for your own work is rather pitiful. I’ll expect lots of people to be making useless stuffs to sell worse comes to worst.


There are licensing costs any one would normally have to pay to create content that someone else owns the rights too, it’s not fair to call them greedy for having created the thing that allows people to profit off of modding


I agree mostly with this

@niaccurshi you’re right, Valve has every right to make money off of the modding community as they are hosting the game and the servers but asking for 75% when doing nothing is in my eyes greedy.


They aren’t doing nothing lets take ridiculously simplistic hyperbole out of this


They do host and provide the servers, I did say that and putting the nothing is not warranted I admit. But I do not see how 75% is justified. If asking for 50% or lower I would agree.


Fair enough, I disagree that it’s greedy since its not far off a three way split, but we’re in subjective grounds without knowing the businesses reasoning


You’re right, we can say whatever we want but unless we know exactly what Valve is thinking we can not judge. I just personally think that the way it’s being handled is not very convenient and may split communities up. Barely any time has passed and people are selling mods that don’t belong to them to begin with.