What do you think about a 3/3/3/0 Kraken build without lightning strike?


Would you see this as effective? It seems pretty interesting and unexpected.


I think if you spam banshee mines or vortex. But not very effective.


Unexpected for sure.I’d only reccommend it tho if someone is bad at aiming it :stuck_out_tongue: .I can’t think of any other reason


I do it as my main for the most part. max vortex and then stage 2 max aftershock. if i ever had to go stage 3 i got lightning strike usually but banshee mines works better for aoe diving. you are not a poking mage at that point. u are a high burst diving monster. otherwise it will not be effective.


Squirrel’s Kraken build in the v. 2K stream started with 3 in Aftershock, I do believe, and then mines – I forget if he made it to S3.

edit: I forget if the Hunters lasted long enough for him to get to S3.

edit 2: got Supernova and Aftershock confused. :confused:


I think that’s a typo.


Oh, is that Wraith? I guess I mean Aftershock. I played mostly Goliath.


I think that while lightning strike is powerful, it’s also one of the easier abilities for hunters to avoid. If you’re good at swooping in and out of battle then that kind of build could be very devastating and disorienting!


A good way to make Aftershock better is to put banshee mines BEHIND the people that you want to aftershock. The Banshee mines will explode and knock them back to you. Also MUCH less likely to be shot down.


Um, how do you put mines behind somebody and then go in front of them to cast aftershock without them shooting the mines? (Barring ambushes)


You are flying, spit a couple mines behind them, then charge Aftershock and drop from the sky.


depends on the map. on the Dam it works really well. esp if you force fights in caves.

What works best is a 3/3/2/1 build esp for stage three fights at relays


In my opinion, Aftershock was nerfed too badly to even evolve this skill. Maybe 3/3/3/0 without Lightning Strike would’ve been good melee build, but maybe I’m wrong.


If you want to play without lighting strike then that’s your call, all I know is that I won’t be trying that.


I’ve seen a Kraken that ran only Aftershock.

He slaughtered our team the first game. The AoE that thing does is unholy.

Second game we treated him like we would treat a Goliath. Keep your distance. Won it that time.


The big thing is that it only does ‘decent’ damage, AND it doesn’t destroy traps/poon turrets. If it did, I would run it more.


That’s a handy tip. I assumed it would destroy them, do other abilities with an aoe component?


Everything else does. I even believe Banshee Mines, however that one I’m not 100% sure. I do know that Vortex and Lightning do though. I also REALLY hope they fix the stupid Vortex Arc Mine bug >.<


What is the Vortex/Arc Mine bug?

Bit of a pity aftershock doesn’t, it could do with some utility.

Kraken takes damage when destroying mines with Vortex?

Currently, if you vortex arc mines you blow them up and take the damage as if you personally stepped on them. It’s fucking retarded.

Kraken takes damage when destroying mines with Vortex?