What do you rank in Hunt, and what rank do you fight against the most? (POLL)


I find it interesting how many people don’t play against the correct ranking. Perhaps it is the lack of people on hunt or just the system being the system, but my team (Silver Destroyer-Gold Skilled) always gets matched with either high gold (Gold Expert), or low silver (Silver expert, especially after 10 pm central).

What rank are you, and what rank do you usually fight?

For now, I’ll keep the poll very simple since the question is complicated.
What rank do you battle most?

  • Gold+
  • Silver+
  • Bronze+

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I run into Silver elites and destroyers the most.


Stuck in Silver Skilled doomed to only play with DTRs against Silver Skilled/Expert Monsters. My Monster is still DTR because I don’t take Monster stress too well :joy:


Most of my time that I spent in this despicable gamemode was to help a few friends out of Bronze, so… High Bronze to early Silver were the most common opponents.

When I played Monster the opponents were usually Silver Master to Silver Destroyer.
On the rare occasion that I played Hunt with actual decent teammates, I’d usually get around Silver Elite Monsters, with the occasional Gold Skilled Deanimate.



  • I’m Silver expert and I mostly meet Silver experts/Silver master. Occasionally I bump into a full Gold team. O.o


  • I’m Silver skilled and I mostly bump into Silver skilled/Silver experts.

I totally just typed meat instead of meet. I’m hungry!


Where’s the option for “I don’t play ranked any more because wait times are longer than wait times for Half-Life 3”?


You ask two questions and give only one poll. Lol :smile:

[size=6]I know there’s just one question at the end of your post… But you get the idea ^^ [/size]


Yeah but the second question would make like 10 polls, I’m too lazy.


I’m bronze as a hunter for… forever because… everyone else in my rank doesn’t know how to play. The only time we win is a DTR monster. But we usually play against bronze elite/master.

I’m silver skilled as a monster because I’m on my own team.

*disclaimer sometimes I’M the worst player on the team and cause horrible casualties :joy:


On PC, monster is silver, while my 3 other hunters in pub are either bronze or determining rank. Either way, the monster always has 300+ hours and my teammates have under 60 hours.

Always a -30 point loss when I lose. Always +2 when I win. 2.0 just doesn’t fix any of the problems it said it was when it was released.


Gold 1 on both queues. Wait times are long, opponents are usually Silver 3-5. Generally just play customs with the people I would’ve been matched against anyways.


Well your a lucky guy then because i’m silver skilled and most of the time i can only find DTR or bronze players,finding a fellow silver is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Monster-I’m Silver Skilled i find silvers a lot but also the odd bronze here and there along the way.

Hunter-I’m Silver Skilled and i find players below my division most of the time (yeah go figure!)


I’m not really sure what the point of having only one poll is. You’re collecting only half the data and it’s not complicated. The second poll would look just like the first except it would ask “what rank are you?”



I would add a Hunter team-hours option and monster hours option because I get stuck with hunters with under 30 hours and monsters over 200.


My whole team is silver expert we run into more silver master then silver expert monsters occasionally silver destroyer it’s the same guy to and never silver elite