What do you love about evolve the most!?


In this post i want people to list all the lovely things they cherish the most about Evolve <3

Personally i love the idea of being the monster and use all my intelligence to make new strategies and cunning plans to get the hunters.

i will grow… I WILL GROW FAST!! You will not see me coming. I lurk in the shadows.

Guys get those brainjuices flowing and post your beloved Evolve things here :3!!


Everything :stuck_out_tongue:


Something particular :3??


Tasting the salty tears from coworkers I feast on to get bigger. :smiley:


Oooh, this one, I like this one


To hunt down the monsters :smiley:
oh yeah, i am a real hunter (Hunting at big games and small games) and i know how to Hunt animals, so you dont want me to hunt at you as the Hunters >: D


I’m getting a feeling that I will like the fans the most. :wink:


awesome we love the devs they are so nice and funny :3!! putting that aside I WILL BE THE ALFA GOLIATH!


Oh yeah? Well then I will be TEH BESTEST MEDIC!


Hhrrrhh i will get ya when u wont notice >:3


Nuh-uh, my entire team will be watching for you to do that because they know that if I go down, they all do >: D


hrrrhh i want to battle against u dude >:33


The teamwork. Just like L4D2.


You’re on! This will be a fight for the ages! >: D


Hnnng >:3 yyeees perfect muwhahahaha (insert evil laugh here) >:3


Co-op play!

Tag it and bag itt! I hear the evolved ones can taste a little gamey :slight_smile:


Being a giant monster, ripping everything to shreds, hunting whatever I like, being the real king of the jungle and having those great sexy looks as a Goliath, ooh did I just say that out loud?


I love playing as a team and a fan of TRS gaming concepts so far. The L4D series will always be one of my favorites!!! Even in VS it didn’t take long for most players to figure out, special infected or survivor, you have to play as a team for any chance of winning. TALK! :slight_smile:

I’ve been passing time playing Mass Effect and COD Extinction. Like most games, increasing the difficulty factor by upping the damage or amount of AI’s makes it a bit more fun. You just hope the routine doesn’t become too boring before the next map pack or game mode is introduced.

Having a system where teams can be matched against bosses with improving skills? You have my attention! I’m am so ready to play this. Who knows, I might become a bigger fan of playing solo as a beast?? Wiping out an entire team, how can that not be fun??? :slight_smile:


really excited to see what is going to happen i believe there is not a single dude here who doesnt want to ATLEAST TRY the goliath :D!!


I love objective games and monster hunter…so in that alone the fact that its going to be a player being that monster makes it a little more of a personal battle and it adds to the randomness of a monster…some people do things differently, some people as a monster might have a line up of who to kill first or attack the closest person…so really I like that this game provides a team game and a monster who may be a pain in the neck because they have a strategy the team wasn’t prepared for. :smile: