What do you honestly think about this patch? (CONSOLE PLAYERS ONLY)


I feel they buffed Monster’s damage way to much gave unneeded nerfs toward assualts and what they did with the medics I actually can agree on.

Monsters have literally been insta killing us, Gorgon, Elder. Gorgon’s bug has been made to the point of undodgeable, garunteeing a hunter at half health and Websnare acid spit destroys people. I don’t mind the mimic changes, but this has brought a new glitch for Gorgon to the table, you sometimes become frozen in the middle of the mimic.

Golaith needed these buffs, Meteor Golaith however did not IMO. Kraken got a cooldown buff… Lol
Behemoth got an overall damage buff, which if you know the top Behe players on Console will already insta kill you before this patch, talk to them now. I can tell you it’s not fun for me as Behemoth anymore, too easy.

My whole team quit Evolve, and I believed I would be the very last person to play this game because I love it so much… But it has become unbearable.

Please, console people (because PC people have an entirely different world) tell me about your experience. Have you been playing monster or hunter?


@Torvald_Stavig I completely agree with you
Sorry TRS but why buff wraith and elder kraken this is Insain freaken 3min matches getting beat. My team and my friend quit as well and I have no one to play with.


I honestly would love to see them keep the monsters where they are at now but bring back patch 7.0 hunters lol I think THEN it would be balanced. My experience with it today hasn’t been very…successful but I still plan on trying it for a week and if the same issues occur ill be putting this game away until TU9, a lot of great games coming out now in May anyway :grin: (Uncharted 4, Battleborn)


Uncharted 4 can’t come any sooner I need another game dude.


Well, I only played 4 games, but we lost all 4, and one of them was a silver skilled (which we almost never lose to).
Acid Spit and Web Snare is indeed rediculous. I didn’t play aginst Kraken, Wraith, and Behe.
Goliath feels, better. Probably the most balanced.
We also weren’t playing the best comps but Slim feels signifcantly weaker.
Meteor Goliath feels way stronger, but in both cases we were facing higher ranked players than us.

I don’t know yet. 4 games is nothing, but as of those 4, monsters are significantly stronger.


He really does, I get that he was strong with Hank but there is always going to be those good combos and I feel like he shouldn’t have gotten the hammer for that since I feel like having a specific team that works together better than others is kind of one of the main basis of the game. I think if they would have left him alone in this patch, monsters, in their current state, wouldn’t have found him so strong with all those damage buffs they just got.


It’s too early for me to give a detailed response. I don’t think any thread made hours after this macropatch holds much validity to it.


You mean the SN+melee nerfs around 10% and 10% damage buff to abduct and WB were too much for you?

Or are you complaining about TRS finally reverting that terrible heavy melee change.


Listen dude I’m not getting salty or sad or even raged it is what it is, opinions are just simply opinions they mean nothing there should be no hate I never said I was Gona quit. I’m still looking forward for TU9. We square?? Because I hate arguing.





All the talk about letting it sink it isn’t very valid IMO. It’s the same monster we have been fighting for 4 months just with an insanely stupid damage buff.


I mean, right now ft3 literally garuntees a win because you have enough health to focus the medic through anything and kill him without getting below half.


I need a few days and adapt to all the changes being made. Then I´ll write my opinion in this thread. I highly recommend everyone to play as many customs as possible to try out different combinations and monsters :wink:


I don’t think it’s an entirely different world. I’ve been willing (and am willing) to give it time for everyone to sort out getting used to the changes but things like the changes to the effectiveness of Gorgon, and the burst of Wraith, strike me as changes that are going to make the game very tough for people that aren’t daily hunter players, especially against monsters that are.


I told you so much time guys that this patch is good for the PC but not for Console. On PC the hunter damage is now better (more fair) but on console its a joke. High skilled Monsters can now “insta kill” you and the hunter damage nerf on console was very unnecessary we did already way less damage than PC.


Not entire but the damage is way higher on PC…

I never understood the logic of TRS how they wanted to solve flee till three. Yeah make a Monster more powerful on stage 1 and 2 then he will fight before stage 3?! - In which world? Now the Monsters got a buff on stage 1 and 2. In fact it just makes it easier for them to flee till three…

And dont forget the hunter damage nerf its a buff on monster side as well…


This was never their strategy. The strategy was to make it easier to catch the monster, and in doing so balance out that the monster needed to be ready to fight at more stages.


ATM , they don’t said how they will counter the FT3 strategy.


If this thread is going to just descend in to QQing about a perceived PC vs Console thing without being constructive, it’s not going to last very long guys.


No need to shut down a thread for people to express their feelings Its freedom of speech Ladies and Gentlemen. At the end of the day we want the community to be strong and the game to be fair.