What do you guys think of this as a new monster?


hydra type monster, each stage it evolves it grows another head !


or this?


The devs stated that they want every monster to be humanoid in a way (which is part of why the host and the velvet worm didnt make it in), so the very first image wouldn’t work, though the second one has a bigger chance


:-/ i wouldnt mind mind the second one, didnt even no they attempted a worm type? Shame that would have beem an interesting one !


Yeah it never made it very far, it apparantly had a lot of issues to animate (they also learned now that the system cant render more than 3 pairs of limbs on one monster) its burrowing ttaversal was also hard to pull off. Im thinking they sort of compiled its abilities with the host to make gorgon. I have nobody to quote on this, but real velvet worms spit slime to incapacitate prey, sorta like gorgon. If you search images youd probably find the concept art for it




The host was humanoidish.
It didn’t make the cut due to relying solely on air based attacks


I think a multiheaded monster would be dope. stage 1 has 1 head, 2 has 2 heads…etc. Gorgon was really pushing the limits as far as relatability is concerned, i think multiheaded would be neat, but a pain for the animation department.