What do you guys think of slim's overall effectiveness?


Slim got buffed on all aspects of his healing burst and now it works better on kraken. I’ve used him once since the patch came out but it wasn’t enough for me to realize if he was buffed effectively or not. Yeah, I know that this is a micropatch which means the developers will do small touches to make sure if people have changed their views on a character or not. But do you guys think he needs a little more tweaking or is he fine as of now, or is he getting over?

I’ll run a couple of matches with slim as well later so I could state my overall opinion on him.


Well, i found him usefull before.

Now i think he will probably be used very often in competitive play, (him + hank is good, but really, Slim is a damage medic, it compensate the fact that Hank do less damage than the others support.)


slim has always been strong and still is


I feel like his bust could still do with a tiny bit more, but he’s definitely better it just sucks still (and this is a problem with all medics/Hank) there is always those guys who are like “the medic/Hank is over there so I’m going to run around this pillar and as far as possible and still expect heals and shields” :stuck_out_tongue:


I will never stop tagging you in slim or medic threads


I think @MaddCow and I can agree in that Slim is great at using his spore cloud and bug to heal people.
I personally cover the area in spores and only damage when the bug/spores are not needed.


Yup. I feel that he is not a front line medic, and with the advent of the more accurate shotgun it further proves that he is best used mid-far distances from combat and being one who calls out the flow of the battlefield.


As a monster main, I don’t find slim very effective. His healing just can’t heal enough to outmatch my damage output, even after the patch. He’s great for pubstomping but I don’t see him being very effective in high level play.


I think it’s safe to say that we finally got a second viable medic.




Slim used to be a joke. Now he’s the true Monster.


I dont know but i still feel that if you dont have Hank or Sunny you cant take Slim. If the Monster focus someone Slim cant dont much in reality, especially if the monster breaks LOS to Slim…you get screwed up pretty fast.

Slim with Hank or Sunny is acceptable, however if the Monster really beats on Hank from an intelligent spot it can go worse pretty fast too.


if hank and slim have good synergy as players aka positioning and such. its extremely strong. slim can outheal most damage not counting the spore cloud + cloak. u cant see the jetpack after they do that. If you can then kudos to you cuz i cant see shyt lol.


Val isn’t viable.

All the monster has to do is spread the damage since she can’t heal multiple hunters.Or focus Val down, since unlike Caira or even Slim she has no real self-heal outside of her heal burst. This is why Val depends on picks such as Hank or Sunny. If you want Val to be viable, she needs some form of health regen for herself. Or a way of healing multiple people.That could help putting her on par with Caira and Slim.


I mainly play monster and second medic with Slim as my main and I have to say. Slim is very easy to take out if the hunters don’t have a good support,but if they do…Just watch out. Because of this latest patch I find Slim much more effective then he used to be but he still isn’t viable for high level play.


Val just have to slow the monster and have a team who know how/when to run/dodge.

Val + Sunny = Monster screw, and i don’t even talk about Abe/Griffin

Val is viable, you just have to have a good team for her.


A monster is equally screwed with Caira,Griffin,Sunny. Maybe even more since the monster can’t just focus someone down in 5 seconds like it can with Val.


Its less about shields and more about team effectiveness… I find that a teammate like Cabot is one of the best for a Slim team… Because Cabot is one of the few characters that can make a monster really pay for focusing at the wrong time… lord forbid I have a Torvald

Trust me a good cloak is much more reliable anyday then a shield… I can simply shot a spore cloud at him and back away on foot… Then wait for 6 secs for jet pack before I reposition and heal up… A slim with good jetpack dodge knowledge… And decent teamwork can be a deadly adversary… Because a GOOD slim makes sure you have to down him first because his teammates always dissappear at just the right time and come right back with full health


Because of Caira’s strong healing, but with Val’s tranqus + Griffin/Abe, monster can’t even get close to do the damage. (and try to focus anyone with Sunny making them jump away when you are more slow than a turtle…)


First off, people need to stop comparing every Medic to Caira. They aren’t the same. If they were the same, there would be no reason to even have the other Medics in the game. I main Slim and Val for a single reason: I enjoy their playstyle. Caira may be the strongest healer, but she lacks depth of play.

Caira basically just spams healing grenades, which is great, but that’s really all she is good at (beside the occasional speed boost). She is a great Medic, but I find her kit boring. People complain about Val, Slim, and Laz way too much, and that’s because they aren’t just straight Medics like Caira is.

Lazarus focuses on letting teammates die, and bringing them back to life without strikes, while also being able to leave weakspots.

Val focuses on single target healing, slowing/marking the monster with tranqs, and leaving larger weakspots (also doing considerable damage).

And Slim, he is more of a versatile Medic. He can be straight up in the Monster’s face, dealing heavy damage and healing everyone often. Or, he can sit back, fire accurate shots from a distance, and throw healing bugs/bursts out when he can. People need to be utilizing his spore launcher very often. You might think a good Monster can make it useless, but if you are able to blind their smell then juke around bushes or rocks, it can make it very easy to lose the Monster if it is focusing you (despite it also working great with cloak).

Honestly, I think it has more to do with people not adjusting properly to the other Medic playstyles, rather than a certain Medic being weaker. I have never had problems winning with any of them, but they do take some practice. I would also like to state that Caira’s skill cap is MUCH lower than the other 3 Medics imo. She is super easy to pick up, whereas the other Medics have very particular playstyles that take longer to get used to.