What do you guys think is OP?


I’m personally of the current opinion that nothing is OP atm. Certain things could just use buffs, and certain characters could use rebalance to promote healthier gameplay.

Buffs that are needed
Bucket: His turrets are still negligible, but instead of buffing their damage per turret why not make turrets prioritize weak points? It’ll buff his damage, and actually force the monster to respect his turrets.

Val: Currently Val and her Tranq/Sniper get jammed if using quick switch, and activating reload before switching. The Jam makes it so you have to wait an entire reload animation timer before you’re able to use the weapon. Fix this please >_>

Goliath: Move some of the damage from rock throw shrapnel onto the rock throw itself. Make direct impact/close impact (if lvl 3) deal the same damage, but make it so if hunters dodge a rock throw but it explodes behind them they aren’t punished as hard. Currently shrapnel lvl 3 takes out 20% hp.

Wraith: Decoy is currently her issue. Make decoy deal reduced damage, but give her a damage buff when she breaks stealth. This means that decoy is used more as a repositioning tool than a damage tool. It’ll force the Wraith to play more aggressively or miss out on damage.

Cabot: Move damage from the rail gun into the capacity of the damage amp. Taking away 5% damage and give the amp 15% more capacity. This’ll make Cabot think more on when he wants to amp, and when he wants to railgun.

Abe: Make Stasis grenades have a lower max throw range. Increase the speed of the grenades.

What do you guys think? What would you like to see nerfed/buffed?


I find the speed of hunters OP.
Even with speed or traversal perk they stay right behind me when I play as the monster.


They’re likely cutting through the map to cut you off. Try to not always play on the edges of the map, and cut across the middle yourself. You need to try and also break LoS and use the stealth game.


I dont think anything is OP, but neutral buffs could use some toning down

its currently rushing buffs/denying them to the hunters > anything in high level play


I think OP threads are OP… :flushed:


Tho if you are in the middle of the map they can mostly see you as the middle of the map tends to have a larger LOS.


That’s the tradeoff, and a decision you have to make in around 2 seconds. This game is about thinking on your feet against good teams. It takes time to get used to it, but the decisions will eventually come naturally if you put enough time in.

@Butts I agree, Steamadon buff atm is currently like being hit by a Val Tranq. Don’t know what TRS was thinking >_>



  • Wraith (Too evasive)


  • Daisy (Renders sneaking useless)
  • Lazarus (I think his revive is too quick)


Daisy is meant to make sneaking useless.

Focus Lazarus after you drop another hunter. It’s hard for him to pick someone up if you’re on top of him.

Wraith is meant to be evasive outside of the dome. The issue is how evasive she is inside the dome.


Daisy should definitively have a max speed. Atm. she has no max speed and moves as quickly as you can so with the jetpack recharge perk you can basically find the monster under a minute or two no matter where it is.


and that’s the point of Maggie :confused:


Oh how I love to take the speed perk as Maggie sometimes to get “Turbo Daisy” up a Monster’s butt in a hurry. Don’t deprive me of my fun! :slight_smile:


Maggie wouldn’t be less useful just because daisy had a max speed. Daisy would still render sneaking more or less useless and would still not be fooled by tricks. Just that she wouldn’t move like she had a rocket up her ass, lol.

@MAMEiac, I usually play as Maggie as well and that’s really fun. But it is kinda ridiculous at the same time.


Thing is, I’ve come to use Daisy as a qusi-wing"dog", not actually following her much, letting her do her thing with the team and apply pressure to then draw the Monster to me after I took a side route.

The thing with speed in particular as a Trapper is you don’t always know where your team is or how far back so you definitely need to be ready to evade sometimes when you didn’t realize you’d created a dome party only for 2. :slight_smile:


I like that.


Yeah, anything to tone down the decoy tank spamming would be good. What is a shame is I’d like to see Abduct become the go-to scary ass skill that the Wraith players use. Had a very tense end game at a generator against an Abduct Wraith and it was incredibly exciting and strategic so you can see the base of what I believe they were shooting for. Just need to tweak it a bit so more people go that route.


Cabot’s damage amp already shortens the length of matches when used properly, you don’t need to buff that to take some damage away from the rail gun, which should probably have even further reduced damage the farther the projectile travels. What’s happening is that a lot of players are just giving up the incredibly useful damage amp - which relies on teammates - and going for a ton of rail gun damage. They’re definitely gonna be addressing that, as well as Val, Hyde, Griffin having slightly lower win percentages for various reasons.

I’m more interested in how they’re gonna change the Wraith. I’ve heard some particularly bad ideas tossed around, like Monsters not being able to hear when a dome is tossed because the Wraith alone has the movement ability to escape them. I think Warp Blast should have a delay if used after traversals to halt the forward momentum she gets that allows her to escape. I also think Supernova-Decoy shouldn’t get the damage buff since it’s just a facsimile. Right now, Decoy and some of its ability combos have no downsides to just keep spamming. Decoy really needs to have a pool of hit points so you can kill it to end the effect and un-stealth the Wraith, and the cooldown for the ability shouldn’t start until after the effect is over.


And if you’re using Decoy and everyone sees you split off there should be more penalty to getting nailed while you’re partially invisible and nobody is focusing your decoy. If people were skilled in using it that would be one thing but when people have no strategy than just to constantly use it and there’s no real penalty for it that is kind of lame. If you fool me, bully for you, but if nobody is fooled the game shouldn’t be quite so forgiving, it is effectively a mistake and should be punished.


Well, that’s true to a point, but it’s also kind of hard to fool anyone who isn’t new - Wraith isn’t just gonna turn around and make a beeline for the first person she sees while trying to get away - its really just whether or not you see her actually trigger it. I think being able to focus fire & kill the Decoy to break the effect, and making the cooldown start whenever the effect ends or is broken, would solve the problem of them spamming it right in front of you. Monster abilities should be about playstyle; good Wraith players don’t need to rely on any one ability, and that’s how it should be. If you have a “get out of jail free” card available, people are gonna abuse it.


I find krakens vortex to be a bit op. It’s such a huge part of his damage and cc that it essentialy IS Kraken. I think his fight needs to be a bit more evenly distributed because there is zero question you should vortex 3. It’s just 100% reliable low cooldown aoe burst machine and too many kraken matches end t1 or are decicively victories t1. Hunters never have the advantage in any stage.