What do you guys think, Cyber Bullying Or?


I watch this YouTuber, and he recently made these videos telling them to do several actions and they MUST do what they are told and he would give them an item in the game, AND THEY ARE WILLING TO DO THE ACTIONS, just for in-game items. People are hating on the guy who made the video because it’s considered CB, I think not, they can just say, “Sorry, but I’m not gonna do these and make myself look like an idiot/stupid desperate for items in a game.” so it just ends there, without them embarrassing themselves for others to watch…


I dunno, these kind of discussions can get out hand pretty quickly. So I’ll just let this one pass


Apologies to the OP, but these types of discussion have been known to get out of hand. This is best left off the forum or for a pm discussion.