What do you guys think about Unreal Engine 4?


Here are some videos feel free to share some thoughts about these videos!

Here’s also the PC Gamer Article I read with the headline “Unreal Engine 4 architectural visualisation videos are staggeringly realistic” containing the videos!


TO realize we had NES graphics ~20 years ago, and where we will be in 20 more is mind blowingly awesome.


I always say its easy to do cinematics. these are mind blowing but they never translate to games like that. I think its gonna make games look amazing nontheless. Tekken is made in unreal 4 i believe. should be good.


Not to mention we thought games from the N64 looked amazingly realistic, and now we see games like GTA4 and go “that looks terrible!”

I don’t think in 20 years we will have much different. You can only make things become so much “realistic” until they become something else entirely. Hopefully in 20 years we’ll have full VR support for most games, though.


I think still shots are great, it’s animation that needs tweaking.


That is incredible! My first thought is how scary VR will be with graphics like these. @MaddCow articulated my second thought in his first post quite nicely.


Not sure if there are any students out there interested but now you can download the Unreal Engine 4 for free at colleges!



[quote=“egp_mass, post:7, topic:16969”]
Not sure if there are any students out there interested but now you can download the Unreal Engine 4 for free at colleges!
[/quote]I actually downloaded it last night after seeing the news. And just in case some of you aren’t aware, what is truly amazing about UE4 isn’t the visuals you can do with it, although those are impressive, it is the incredible tools and the very intuitive interface and functionality. UE4 is basically the start of a revolution in how developers make games.


That is very impressive to hear! If you are able to tell us more or show some of the stuff you’ve been doing I’d be thrilled to see or hear about it


!!! WANT of course to sign up I’d have to go talk to Z and that is not happening I will have to just sit here and cry I guess :frowning:


I probably won’t get to seriously mess around with it for at least a few days (just too busy), but here is the video they played at GDC that shows some of the stuff you can do with UE4. Notice how clean the interface is and how some fairly complex and powerful mechanics are not only easy to implement, but they are displayed in an easily understandable way.


Just EPIC!


It looks so pretty.I can’t imagine how games will look later on the future.


A game i’m hoping to see is god of war for PS4.After buying a ps3 many years ago,a friend introduced me to GoW Saga.After playing GoW 3,It became number 1 game in my list.I have never witnessed so much action with outstanding graphics and boss fights.Plus i am Greek and seeing the ancient Greek mythology in a game is a bonus :smiley:


from my experience UE4 games have poor mouse input. Maybe they’ll be able to fix it, but can’t assume they will…