What do you guys speculate the best team will be surrounding Kala?


Kala is going to open up so many different play styles for both hunters and monsters. I’m interested to know which hunters you guys think will pair with her the best.

Personally I think if you have an Emet, Kala can teleport him so he can revive fallen teammates easier. Also he can drop a buoy and teleport to a different part of the map while still healing teammates.

Wasteland Maggie b/c she’s waste land Maggie and is a freaking annoyance. She does the most damage out of all the other trappers. So she’ll be able to shave off health fast when Kala drops the monster’s shield.

And lastly lennox. She has a multiplier which will deal huge damage to the monster’s health


I’d replace Lennox with torvald, just for shear burst damage, and perhaps swap out Mad mags with Jack


We don’t even know the finer point of her moves yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Medic: Slim and EMET work best with her kit. Slim has spores and healing drone that work well with all of Kala’s kit. Emet has great damage and a respawn bacon, being able to fully use the AR to its full potential.
Trapper: Maggie because poons for days and Jack because OP + OP = PROFIT.
Assault: Lennox and Hyde.


Chris Ashton posted more details about Kala on facebook, someone probably posted here too already.


Damn, I’m never on Facebook.


I can’t find it anywhere. Do you remember any details? Does her glove have a capacity limit, or a time limit?


I would like Torvald or Parnell with her assault wise. Medic maybe take val or laz for some sinper weak points for torvald and Parnell? I am not really sure other than the assault.


I’d go Lennox, Laz, and Jack or Crow.


debatable. it takes 6secs for 900 damage for mortars, where as lennox needs 2.4sec for 800 damage (or 2000 for 6secs)

difference is skill/teams


wizard’d :joy:


Lennox and Cabot are top kek.


Torvald/Blitzkov, Emet/Laz, Jack



I’m thinking Kala’s kit play style, will be a mix of Cabot and Bucket… Meaning the armor reducer beam will be situational like the damage amp is… I’m not quite sure how the siren missiles work in terms of ammo, but I can see just continually firing them like bucket missiles… also the charged mines I’m not sure if they would work like all other deployables only allowing 3 or the cost on ammo, but I could see getting a few on the ground in a dome situational like Markov… The warp pads I’m assuming with be destructible, so your not going to want to place in dome until team is on same page and ready to leave the area, as who ever doesn’t make it through in time will be stuck alone with monster… That being said this is my comp…

Laz - the potential health damage that comes from bypassing armor, monster camping a body will really think twice now…

Jack - for repelling monster off bodies and Kala

Parnell - cause damage, damage, damage…

As a Wraith player, I’m thinking this comp will drive me nuts


Jack can repel monsters?


Jack has Repulsor: It fires a force-field that can stop monsters dead in their tracks… Repulsor is for Repelling