What do you guys do when you're stressed?


Recently I’ve been finding myself stressing for no reason whatsoever… But I also found a way to deal with it!
It’s weird, but chewing toothpicks seems to destress me
Not to mention, I feel like a total badass.
I also listen to music, naturally.

What do you guys do to de-stress :b?


Cantina Band.

Also Life is Strange helps A LOT. Like, I don’t know how, but playing that game calms me down at an unbelievable rate. Dark, yet unnerving.


Point and clicker style games, right?
Also, cantina band ftw


Yes, Cantina Band FTW.

And yeah. A point-and-click kinda game. Plays like Telltale games, but stomps them to the ground with its atmosphere. The story is of a similar fashion, i. e. not nearly as cheesy and nostalgic, but still 'lotta fun.


Really? O_o If it’s better than one of Telltale’s, I might actually give it a look.

As for what to do when stressed- showers, exercise, singing, etc. I like to play music, or listen to some. Very relaxing.


Sign up to a gym or pick up some personal bits and pieces. Go for a run, doodle, or even simply laying down and throwing a pair of headphones on to drift off with your choice of songs.
All of the above works for me and I deal with too much stress… Sometimes not in the best way as I can be an asshole on here sometimes :laughing:
It’s all just part of the fun that is life, isn’t it!

I’ll have to roll a toothpick around on the end of my lips to see if I feel badassary enough too, maybe slick my hair back… Will take my mind off everything else for a while, while I amuse myself :smile:


I get diahrrea when I’m stressed :confounded:




I thought you would understand Toiletwraith QQ


Well… What do you do to de-stress >< ;_;


When I’m stressed.
I play as the monster and murder the hunters at spawn.


Get an unsubstantial amount of sleep.



I play a video game. Evolve helps, since I have friends online that I can talk to and have a good time without dealing with real life stuff.

If I’m having a really bad day, I play something offline. Mirror’s Edge, Skyrim, and ACIV/ACR are my picks for that (Would not recommend XCOM- Your rage will manifest itself nastily).

Of course, music helps.

Sometimes I just stay up until 2 in the morning or something for no reason other than to watch a movie on netflix or internet videos. I would game, but I have a family that doesn’t get that playing video games until 2 in the morning on a Friday night is good for me :P.


I think about dinosaurs… lots of friendly dinosaurs… and I listen to music… and read… And Sometimes I just become depressed… (a lot lately)



It’s a contain-or-fail situation. I love playing that game when I’m in rage. Solves all my trouble by forcing me to focus.


I bought Enemy Within and tried to do my first playthrough on classic difficulty (Already played Enemy Unknown on normal).

I still need to go back and finish that. Evolve came, and the frustration was too much :P.

Love the game though.


You mean what I do after playing Evolve for longer than 1 game a day?
I just join in on twitch evolve streams to watch good Monsters getting utterly wrecked by good teams in scrims or at least struggle unreasonably much against mediocre pubs.
Always makes me feel better a tiny bit more than it makes me sad. After that I start playing properly balanced pvp games, just go for some single player games, take the dog for a walk or just go jogging to run off some of that stress, salt and tears.


Unleash it


Dancing helps too… And beer helps the dancing that’s helping the stress