What do you guys and gals think? Should I make more music videos?


Hey everyone. So I’ve been getting a lot of requests from my Evolve Music video, ‘Light Em Up’ to make more Evolve music videos. My problem though, is that I am currently getting prepared to make 2 FallOut 4 music videos; one for gamers, and one for gamettes each with their own character. But I see a lot of Evolve gamers wanting me to make more Evolve music videos and I’ve been considering in doing so, but I want to ask my fellow Evolve gamers and gamettes in how they feel upon this situation. Should I make another Evolve music video?

Here’s what I made before in case you haven’t seen it.


As much as I’d love to see a new one here soon, I’d say complete what you’re already working on first. I make that mistake all the time and then nothing gets finished.

In the mean time just save your Evolve video for anything in the future you get inspired by :slightly_smiling:


You shouldn’t do anything. Absolutely nothing.

But on a serious note no matter which you do people will more than likely like it.

If you keep making Evolve stuff most of us will like it a lot and want more.

If you go to Fallout you’ll probably get a lot of praise by that community and by some of us and those people will want more of that.

Of course most of us here will be like “Make more Evolve stuff!” but it’s up to you. If anything if you stick with Evolve it might help with the popularity and give it a better light against all the “F**king Evolve DLC Wall!!!” people.

Ya do wut chew wont cuz itz up 2 u and jew only.


Oooooh, when you’re finished with your Fallout videos, you should make an Evolve music video featuring all the new, free content. That might bring people to the game!!!

Post your Falout videos here too. :smile:


True that. I’m not doing it for the popularity though, I’m doing it because I can make both super awesome but can’t decide which to make first. But I’ll make sure to to finish whichever I started. :slight_smile:


I was already planning on posting them here because this is my first ever forums that I joined so I want to share it with my little internet family :slight_smile:


I realize that but I just can’t decide which one I should start first haha


sup rusty, Im glad you video got popular man! congrats! And i got to help! wooohooo! anyway, yeah i agree with the others, finish the fallout one, then make an evolve one, and yes, try to say new free stuff, awesome game, blah blah blah, etc, new ppl equals better game overall!


How about this. I’ll do the Evolve one first for I haven’t started the FallOut one yet, and when Elder Kraken comes out, That’s when I’ll start. Now I just need to find the right song for the right message. Plus I get more enthusiasm from making the Evolve one because I love this game so damn much. So I think I’ll be happier in making it first and working on the FallOut one in between


Never mind. I just found the right song. Now I just need to Brain Storm


Which song is it? :smile:


For me to know, and for you to find out :3


Cool video and top tune keep making them pal. check out my music video with Evolve :slight_smile: