What do you Fellow Monsters Use for High Level Play as Kraken or Goliath


I lean heavily towards eating speed, for those moments when I need rapid meats to have engagements in quick succession of each other (or for meats on the run when domed in, then I down something in one run, then double back for some quick armour)


For Kraken I use feed speed cuz I feel like a tug boat, have a hard time making distance to eat normally.
On Goliath I use Damage Increase, taking 65% of a hunters health is sexy af


Movement Speed.

It’s good for farming, escaping, dome evasion, juking, outmaneuvering AND combat, letting you close the distance between targets.


Ya I tend to feel slugish as a Kraken, so I use feeding speed to compensate for the impending damage.

With Goliath though, I can consistently pull 1:30 min evolves or less with it :wink:


I used to use feeding speed and it was a power trip, S3 in 4 minutes is a surreal feeling, then hunters started complaining about how fast I staged up, so I changed it ^.^
I wanna make it fun for all, not just roflstomp nonstop :slight_smile:


It feels so good when at the end game chatter, you can hear the hunters asking how you evolved so fast.


I got accused for hacks like nonstop…


I go sniff range, i like to plan the engagement. I generally don’t run after I’ve evolved and start playing so that I’m the one doing the hunting.


Engagements with little to no armour?

You my friend, have balls of steel…


I like damage resistance on kraken, helps to survive a first dome especially on broken hill mine. Cool down reduction is also amazing. Really though, between resistance, damage increase, cool down… All are good.


I used traversal perks like feeding and MS.

but with how buff the hunters are. I now need battle power in order to win lol.


I use damage resistance for both but that’s me. My playstyle is in your face and constant pressure, along with comboing abilites. It helps your armor last longer and keeps you in the fight while in domes.