What do you do on small maps?


I don’t get it, I can’t win on small maps. It’s hard enough to get away from the Hunters on the larger maps, but the small ones are just impossible. You’re basically in a dome all the time and you can’t get any time to feed. I think I only win with Wraith, but she’s actually pretty weak so I want to figure out Goliath and Kraken on the small maps.

Do I just find a place to evolve and accept the damage? I played one match on Broken Hill Foundry and couldn’t evolve until around a minute left. Killed three but couldn’t find the fourth so I lost.

The time constraint seems really bad with the ultra-buffed Hunters and the tactic of preventing Stage 2.


I never have problems with this and when i do I usually sneak away or run away ASAP. If they have daisy tricks I have learned is leave a bunch of tracks in one are and sneak away. When you do sneak away climb ledge after ledge as this messes with daisy and slows her down.


pretty much the name of the game is find the safest most “monster preferred” location and feed/stage up as quick as possible. once stage 2 just go for the kill, or some strikes at the very least. drawing out a chase or sneaking on smaller maps is pointless and only hurts you as the monster in the long term.


Usually going all in at Stage 1. Sometimes I bail at 1 hp bar and try to evolve. Afterwards again, all in at Stage 2 until I win or horribly die.
As for Broken Hill Foundry however… I just flat out lose. About all the time. So I usually pick Behemoth there now as it doesn’t hurt as much as losing with a proper Monster.


I feel that maps are too small, the possibilities to tirck hunters is also very low. This damn birds will screw you(hunters go to caves first, don’t advice to use them). So many times Im running from hunters endlessly. I’ve got full evolving bar, but I cant shake them off. And what is more frustrating - I cant shake them off and they cant dome me.


Ever since posting this I get put into games as Monster on the tiny maps. Won Foundry but then lost on Mine. Probably shouldn’t play as Kraken on Mine but I wanted to try it.

Don’t really get that map, you have to run and hide then try to run to the other side by going through the Hunters.


I play kraken on the mines map. He does well, being able to fly up and down those hill-like areas, making the hunters waste jetpack fuel. Then with all the different openings and pillars, he can dodge a lot of damage by weaving around the place. There’s a water-section with a few tyrants, you can bait a dome in one of those areas, and use vortex or other skills to make the hunters fly into the tyrants (I always love doing that).

Depends on how you play as the monster though. What kind of playstyle you adopt (stealth, speed, aggression, etc).

What to do in small maps

Try to run in a straight-ish line, once you feel you’re far enough away, evolve, and then run away again, or get a little armour if the prey is right next to you.

  • If Hank is on their team, evolve with something over your head to avoid having an orbital barrage right on top of you.
  • If Sunny is on their team, run straight, move to the side, straight again, and keep doing this kind of movement, so that if a hunter is being boosted, they have to waste fuel going forwards, then to the side.

Sometimes you need to just commit to an evolve and try to minimize the punishment.