What do you call your PC/console?


Okay, weird question is weird, but I must ask otherwise this would annoy me or the next two weeks.

So, after many months of careful observations, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s not a gamer in the entire world who didn’t, at least once, call the platform he’s playing on other than just “PC/PS4/XBONE”. Heck, many have official names for their hardware… so what do you call yours?

So… I guess I have to kick this off…

Let’s just say that I call my PC “ždímačka”, which in english means “spin dryer”… yeah.


Well it’s a moniker I only used once, but during the unboxing I called my X1 my “Precious”.

Since I use voice commands I just refer to it as “Xbox”.

I’m boring, I know.


I call mine “Potato” because there are times where it feels like Im trying to play a game on a potato connected to a screen >_>


I call it Buttsex magician


This thread just reminded me of the movie Hackers. The kid, Joey refers to his laptop as “Lucy”!


I call mine PC/Computer. O.o


My Laptop is “River Tam”


stupid piece of shit


My desktop is “Battle-star Galactica”


Mine is TYCHO


3-Year-Old Toaster
Sometimes i could almost cook an egg on it…


Bitty is the name of my stressbox.


Sometimes I will also refer to my laptop as my Lappy or my Compooper.


Oh man. I did it a like 4 years back and I’ve been too lazy to stop calling them that, so here goes.
Xbox 360 is named Shanaynay, Xbone is named Shaniqua.
God it’s terrible reading those, I need to think of something new. It was a shitty joke from when I was younger. Don’t hate me pls :stuck_out_tongue:


I call it Xbox… Should I have a name for it?


I call my PC Gamerella. She’s my girl right behind my GF xD


Named mine Paladin. It’s my bright ray of hope & entertainment at the end of a boring and tedious long day :expressionless:


I call my Xbox “The SexBox”, my PS4 doesnt have a name but once MGS5 is released Im sure it will develop one, and my PC is Cortana (Huge Cortana sticker on the side of it).



cries in corner



Sound familiar?