What do y'all think of the new Dark Souls 3 gameplay?


Ive seen various videos on it and I’m just so excited for it,looks amazing with a mix of all its predecessors in there.

Are you guys excited or do you think it’s just a cash grab excuse the pun “from soft”

@SQUARENecron as requested!



Well R.I.P my temper with anything when I finish that…


I’m not worried about it. Like I’m going to get it and enjoy the fuck out of it but I expect minimal deaths with easy passings on the enemies and bosses like in Dark Souls 1 and 2.

No struggles what so ever…

None in the slightest…

Easy peezy…




I wonder if the difficulty will really be that bad…


Edit in some gameplay links?


How I feel about it?


Ok I’ll have to get on my PC as my iPad isn’t as good with those things and post some gameplay for you.


I’m pretty sure the difficulty was lowered so the media/youtubers wouldn’t throw the controller at the screen,expect release for it to be much harder!

I mean in general it will be easy if you’ve played previous titles and whatnot but man game looks gorgeous and those few bosses we’ve seen look great!

I don’t think life gems are returning so that also should make it more harder but I’m sure it will be a blast regardless!


I got really excited when I saw em. Oh man I can’t wait for the game! And its release date is next month! :smiley:


I refuse to watch anything about it but LORD I’m ready.


Oh look it’s the teletubby sun all grown up


Still haven’t finished Dark Souls 2 sooooo…perhaps in two years :smile:


Looks like more of the same, to me. And kind of reinforces my view that Miyazaki, and FromSoft in general learn very little, if anything at all, from the shortcomings of their previous games. Which is a pity, because I do actually like the games, and the world they build (at least for the most part) but if I am going to pick this up I can see myself getting bored of having to trudge through the same shortcomings that exist in all of their recent games and just setting it aside after getting to a certain point.

This has happened in every game of theirs since Dark Souls.


Every game has flaws,this will be not different but 1 things for sure you will have a blast playing it,I know I will!


Oh, I’m not saying that every game is perfect. That would be silly.

I’m saying that FromSoft doesn’t try to improve upon those flaws between releases.


This is my response


also its going to play in 30fps, not because of hardware limitations.


My hype for this is so off the charts. I’m actually considering doing a no death no bonfire run on scholar of the first sin to prepare. :laughing: Praise the sun! \ [T] /


Considering some of the people we see again this early on, perhaps our dear Sunbro will too.




I am on a DS3 media Blackout so I don’t spoil it for myself, since I didn’t play DS2 Scholar of the First Sin.