What do y'all think about the new Cod Zombies map "Zetsubou No Shima"


I personally like the map,it’s a really hard map if you haven’t played zombies before as the setting up process is time consuming and tricky but apart from that it’s a nice setting on a abandoned pacific island.


Personally don’t like it at all. Im sorry it’s crazy close quarters, everything is hard as shit, I don’t mind a challenge but I have to at least enjoy it you know. My friend really loves the map but i will just stick to eisendrachen.


Love it, even though I don’t have the map. I’m going get the Season Pass.


Close quarters? No way!

Do you see how bug the starting room is? YOU CAN FUCKING SWIM! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok maybe exaggerated slightly but indoors in the facility sucks and the underwater tunnels suck. Sucks as in it’s hard.


Agreed, but wait till a couple days when everybody finds train routes :wink:


I can see where you’re coming from,it’s a map where you can’t really camp on unless you complete the Easter Egg which is a long process.Me and my friend got to round 40 yesterday 2 player so i was happy with that but playing the map solo really pisses me off as you got so much to set up then you die and it’s like not this again lol.


I think he means it can be quite narrow in certain areas with things blocking you if you’re not 100% focused.


The new map is actually easy to survive in if you know where and where not to train. Some areas are kind of narrow and cramped but other places offer multiple paths to train in. I like the new map but I think I’ll like it more once I get to know it better. Shima can be confusing and irritating sometimes if you’re new to it. After my first go at it with my friends I got a big ass headache and had to take a nap because I had no Advil. Same thing happened to my friend who was getting annoyed that he couldn’t do his totem challenge. Our first go at the map lasted to round 25, and our second lasted to 29 and would’ve gone longer but one of my friends had to go so we killed ourselves. All in all, the map is pretty fun.


I think the maps best played 4 player actually just because everything gets made faster etc…lol


They all are. I only ever play with 4 people because I feel it’s the only way that a game feels rewarding for me. It’s easy to make it to a high round with two or three people but much harder with a group of 4, and in my opinion, more fun.


I just wish that if they’re going to make these complicated Easter eggs, there should be an easier way to get a crawler. Sure, its easy but if you go too far they’ll just die off and you end up having to start a new round


That’s why you just play the game. The “Easter egg” on each map isn’t really an Easter egg. It’s completely the objective on the map.




Not really, the objective is to survive as long as possible the EE is just for the back story of that map or previous maps,you don’t need to do it to complete the map, so it’s not the objective of the game it’s purely to survive as long as possible as every zombie map has been about.


Quick tip- if you have a crawler left let it hit you a few times as it makes it live longer or just use a ray gun that’s the best gun for crawlers.


Technically, you lose in zombies no matter what and the only way to win is by completing the easter egg. This only goes for certain maps like origins or mob of the dead.


Even if you complete an EE you don’t win,there’s only been one map i think it was Mob of the Dead the one in the prison cells where after completion of the EE you could end game right there and say we beat it all the others like you said you never can win because it’s just how long you survive.


Nope. Mob of the dead is just recurring. Go to bridge, get electrucuted, back to start, build plane again what not…


You can actually end the game if you kill or get killed by Weasel.