What do we mean when we say a player/character is good?


It’s commonplace here to say that a good hank can keep you up or a good Markov does more damage with an assault rifle. I’m just curious if as a community we can define or put into words what makes a good Hunter at every character. Responses can.be specific to one character or can just hate on me in general.


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Thats pretty subject and there won’t ever be any “You must do X damage, CC for Y minutes etc…” Honestly, a good hunter is one that does their job and adds to the team.


Nope I dont


Prettymuch what Cow said, as long as you are adding to the team by doing your role properly, you are being a good X player


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Why was it a bad idea, may I ask?


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Nah, I don’;t think so, It’s a good question and is a good point for discussion, at least that’s what I think.

If it dies, it dies but let’s see if it goes anywhere, knowing these forums, it might just go somewhere! :slight_smile:


There are certain things that a hunter can do that are ‘optimal’.

For example, an assault using their shield at full health vs low health. Using it at low health is obviously better whereas using it at full health is basically wasteful.

A hank player should also shield someone when their health is low as opposed to full. A ‘good’ Hank would also know when to stop shielding in order to recharge.

A ‘good’ medic will use their healburst when it hits the entire team. Also, a good medic doesnt start healing when hunters are low on health. A good medic aims to always have their team topped off. etc.


There aren’t any numbers that you can compare to to determine whether or not you are “good”. The global averages are basically completely BS and barely reflect anything. Whether or not you are good mostly comes down to whether you win and/or if you did all that you could do considering the skill of your team.


As with cow said, it can be subjective. but i think shinigami does a very good job of going more in-depth on the more generalized forms of it.

a good cabot will cloak and amp on time as with dust tagging in the most optimal ways and using the railgun for harassing on chase, stopping pounces, or in-between amps.


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