What do stage 3 monsters do after they either killed the hunters or destroyed the relay?


let s say a stage 3 monster when a hunt game, what do they do after that ? they go die off somewhere ? they make eggs ? they try to destroy other relays ? like what the heck they do after that they don t just disapper they re stage 3 monsters, like the strongest creature on shear, it could be cool if there was a mode about or something because in evac when the monster wins on broken hill fonderie we can see the stage 3 monsters going somewhere


They go hunting for civilians and destroying their colonies. It’s where you get defense missions. Alternatively, some stay behind to protect the eggs.



I mean they could even warp to other planets. As far as I’m aware it’s been theorized that the wraith’s warp abilities could be used as a form of travel.


yeah but they couldn t just disappear from the map that easily i mean you re the boss and your eteam failed to kill a monster they re gonna try and track it no ?


heh kinda dispointing don t you think ?


You raise a good point, they obviously need to kill the threat, no matter what the cost. I mean, if the monster destroyed the relay there’s no saying that the hunters killed it afterwards- the only reason we don’t see what happens after the relay is destroyed is because it’s a winning factor for monsters :3


That’s actually a really good question. I never thought of that. Hmmm maybe @MacMan could tell us?


We don’t know where they come from. Some speculate they’re engineered to wipe out the colonies. Would make sense that’s what they do when not being hunted. Would also explain why monsters start at stage 3 in defense missions.


We do know, however, these monsters were on Factor, too.
Still as you stated, still doesn’t tell us where they came from.


i mean if the monster managed to ill the first team i m sure it didn t just go down that easily


yeah but that one monster didn t just destroyed a relay, killed some colonist and went directly to the evac ship , it s not like it s the only stage 3 monster


Yeah. It really would depend on the situation.


wouldn t it be cool to start as a stage 3 monster but damaged to a certain point and you have to face off other teams off hunters ? or something like that


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