What do L4D/Bioshock Infinite owners have to do to participate in the PC technical test of the 16th?


Will Evolve just magically pop up in their Steam libraries ready for download, or do they have to sign-up somewhere? I checked the FAQ stickied here a few days ago but could not find this answer. Thanks.


N/M I read the question wrong :stuck_out_tongue: We are assuming it’s the same as before and it pops up in your library. We are supposed to hear more tomorrow about it.


I believe that by the magic of steam, Evolve will appear in your library sometime close to the testing period. After the codes were put in for the Big alpha, that is what happened. I don’t know this for sure though - I’m sure we’ll hear an announcement very soon on this stuff.


There’s no mention of a signup on the news article they put out (here), so I imagine you just get to download it


Yay, it just popped up in my Steam library for pre-load :smiley:


Ah! You’re right, I see it!