What do I do when I reach Stage 3?


Do I go straight for the power relay or feed for armor first? Or do I go for the hunters? I usually play as the Kraken and the Goliath if that helps.


Armor then go for relay and usually hunters are there.


It’s been argued that stage 2 is the best time to fight though.


Armor, I mean the hunters wont normally chase u so just go get armor, maybe a perk if there’s any left. Then head to that relay and prepare to fight XD


Be sure to sniff around a bit and make sure the hunters aren’t following after you or going to cross your path whilst you get armour. If they can fight you when you have no or little armour, they’ll take the opportunity (although on the contrary, you often get the odd 1 or 2 hunters that split up and chased you instead of heading to the relay. Mop them up, and you might not need the armour).

You’re gonna want to get strikes on them during stage 2 (or stage 1, but only if it’s really worth the risk i.e. hunter is low hp and has no shield/cloak, is isolated and can be pounced). If you’re up against a good team that’s doing a lot of damage, you might just want to go stage 3 and hope they back off to the relay, and then put all your eggs in that basket.


if you are

goliath: youre fucked. most relay fights are pretty bad for you

kraken: why didnt you wipe them on stage 1-2 ?

wraith: why didnt you wipe them on stage 1 ?

behemoth: I dont know how you even managed this, the hunters must suck… if not then youre fucked anyway because that relay fight will not be a pleasant experience


Best bet is get armor and go for the relay. Remember the clock is against you.

But generally speaking, if you weren’t good enough to kill the Hunters at Stage 1 or 2, Stage 3 isn’t going to make a difference. Skill damage isn’t affected by stage, only basic melee attacks. And a majority of your damage comes from skills. All evolving seems to do is give you 3 more skill points and makes you a larger target with more health.


as kraken i can usually take on a team at stage 2. But its just more fun being stage 3 lol


Okay, cause sometimes I went straight for the relay and the hunters would just like, be all prepared and I would have no armor lol and then die…


Ah, the armor rarely makes the difference at Stage 3 if you have a significant amount of health. The bottom line is you’re either able to land burst damage and score strikes, or you can’t and the Medic will outheal you and you’re trading damage for nothing.

You can tell at Stage 1 whether or not you’re good enough to tackle the Hunters. If you can’t land a stage 1 strikes, you pretty much can’t win. They’re too good at negating damage and you’re not good enough at dishing it out to make any progress. Staging up can increase the damage of your skills, but the increase is fairly negligible. Unless you were knocking them down to a sliver of health, the additional skill points won’t make a difference.

That’s why “what do I do at stage 3” is a… Weird question. If you had to go for stage 3, you’ve probably already lost since you weren’t good enough to win at Stage 1 or 2, and Stage 3 isn’t that much stronger. Only now the Hunters won’t chase you, and the battle will take place at the relay where the terrain is in their favor. And they can just wait out the clock now…


Goliath: Said before a majority of relay fights are against you but you can still pull off a win with careful planning and where you want to Attack from. Clear out those defenses first like mines with one quick flame breath.

Kracken: Pretty simple and easy fight because you just play it like any other engagement and LS the crap out of everyone plus a parting gift of a few banshee mines.

Wraith: she is probably one of the hardest monsters to play as when it comes to relay fights because relay fights usually require commitment which is why I always force at least 2 or 3 stage 2 fights to get a few strikes. Again carefully plan out where you want to attack from then her play style of hit and run should handle the rest.

Behemoth: Also to a reply above just because you reach stage 3 doesn’t mean the hunters suck and stage 3 is usually decided by a stage 2 fight or if you are able to dodge those domes well. As for the relay fight you got to have a maxed out tongue grab and rock wall for maximum success.

Sorry for the long run on but just trying to help.


What to do…



Victory Roar


Armor, of course. Only be cautious to not get domed right after evolving so you’re trapped with no armor. If you want to be really careful (or have low HP) you can even armor up, go fight, try to get as many downs as possible, run, feed up again and then wipe them out.


You should’ve already gotten a couple of strikes on them before you reach stage 3. Go for full armor.

Next time you encounter the Hunters, be it at the Relay or not, they’ll try to “flush” you out of the Power Relay area and into the nearby arena.
(EVERY map has a big flat area very close to the Power Relay. Think about that.)

Take advantage of the Hunters trying to lure you out. A sudden change of battlefield means less time for the Hunters to set up new mines, shield drones, etc. A quick Fire Breath will nullify any advantage they might’ve set up.

Now it’s pretty simple. If they immediately drop the dome then they’re stupid and you should just enjoy the next 60 seconds by smacking a few Hunters around.
If they DID NOT drop the dome immediately, do NOT wait for your armor to go down entirely before you retreat and get more. Leave when you still have 3-4 bars left to prevent suddenly getting domed without any.


I don’t… what?
I’m sorry, but you’re just wrong. A bad monster who can’t land strikes at stage one can always just run away, farm up to 3, then come back and completely crush the hunters; it’s one of the main complaints on the forums…


Difference of opinion, then.

In my experience as a Hunter, if the Monster gets to Stage 3 without scoring strikes, he is TOAST. He doesn’t have enough time or skill to score the strikes needed to kill us. He’s forced by the clock to overcommit and lose waaaay too much health or retreat and the clock runs out.

I believe if the monster is incapable or unwilling to score strikes before Stage 3, he just doesn’t have the skill it takes to win. At least, that’s what my +300 hours of experience have taught me.


Well I’m no expert but I’ve played enough to know you can stomp bad-to-pretty darn competent teams by simply avoiding getting domed and running till 3. Frankly I think Stage 3 is almost impossible to lose; I’ve died as monster stage 3 once, maybe twice at the most. And if you as a monster make it to stage 3 without any health damage, it is the hunters who are TOAST.

Are you telling me in your 300 hours you’ve never gone against a monster who just stays out of dome by running and abusing the feeding speed perk? Because it’s a perfectly viable tactic right now; not very fun, but very viable.


At Stage 1 you are at a severe disadvantage, if you get strikes on a team at S1 you’re playing some pretty terribad hunters.


Dunno what to say. It’s based on actual observations. Round starts, we find the monster within 1-2 minutes.

If he can’t score strikes, he’s forced to keep fleeing with Sunny boosting the trapper (usually myself) right up his butthole. We’ll chase him for 10-20 minutes and he’s dead or out of time. Never even got to stage 2.

Rarely does a monster escape us to evolve. If they do, we usually find them while evolving and take a quarter of their health.

Very rarely does the monster reach stage 3 without scoring ANY strikes. If he reached stage 3, it’s because he smacked us around and forced us to pick up downed teammates or play less aggressively because we have someone with 2 strikes.

In the very rare event a monster reaches stage 3 without scoring any strikes, he’s always taken at least 50% health damage. And we’ve been chasing him for +15 minutes. So he’s out of time. Time to camp the relay!

That’s how pretty much every game as Hunters has gone for me. There are a handful of exceptions, but they’re exceptions, not the standard.


I feel bad for you guys, those monsters are startlingly easy to beat ;-;
Its more a rush stage 2, bring out a dome, run like a psycho, evolve, armor, then its harassment nonstop, until I either get spooked off by health loss, or I win.
Unless the support escapes ~.~
In which case its time for Stage 3 just cuz.