What do a Writer, Monster Hunters, and a Monster Have in common? (Work in progress)


@Shaners and @Matthew this is it. Hope you enjoy! It’s gonna be a long one.

What do a writer, Monster Hunters, and a Monster have in common? Matthew has been thinking about this for a while now. Or, at least he thinks he has. He feels as if he’s in a dream. He’s surrounded by characters from a game called Evolve! He’s sitting in the drop ship, listening to dialogue he wrote for these specific characters. It all seems so strange to him. He must be dreaming. He must be. Doesn’t make any sense other wise. Or does it? What happened in the last few days? Where has he been? What has he been doing? Where is he now, if not with the Val, Jack, and Torvald in the drop ship? His thoughts stop as Torvald begins speaking.

“Matthew. What are you doing?” Torvald asks.
"Uhhhhhhhh, thinking. I’m confused. Where the hell am I? Matthew says, looking around trying to collect his thoughts.
“The ship, Matthew” Torvald says, firmly.
“Ohhh yeah, the ship. I remember now. Ok, thanks Torvald. Just got lost in thought I guess.” Matthew says, still looking around the ship.
“You are fine. Prepare yourself for battle! Your assistance is needed to bring death to these abominations!” Torvald yells.
“The Jackle shall bring death and fear to the Monster!” Jack says, chiming in at the last second.
“Good! We will need the Jackle on the battlefield.” Torvald says, looking at Jack.
“Let’s not get in over our heads now people, we got other work to do. Those eggs are the priority, not the Monster.” Val says.
“So uhhh, what are we fighting? A Goliath, Behemoth? What? I wanna know. Pani is getting excited over here.” Matthew turns to pet the head of his Mammoth Bird behind him.
“We do not know. But it does not matter, for we shall defeat it!” Torvald yells.
“Ok, I’ll write it up then. Hey reader. Since you already voted on us fighting a Behemoth, what are the odds of our survival?” Matthew asks.
“Who are you talking to Matthew?” Asks Val.
“The reader. Did you not hear me?” Asks Matthew.
“Are you OK Matthew? I mean like normal OK, not me OK. Because me OK isn’t very good.” Jack wonders.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just get ready for the drop. Looks like I’m not in control of this story.” Matthew says with eyes closed.
“Whatever you say Matthew. Let’s get ready.” Val says while rolling her eyes.
“The Jackle is ready! The Jackle is fearless!” Jack says.
“To bring death and doon to the Monsters! For my revenge!” Torvald screams.
“Good luck upon us all, we know we need it.” Val says under hush.
“Let’s go Pani! This is gonna be a fun one!” Matthew says, with great excitement on his face.

The four drop from the ship, ready for a battle. Thier mission, to destroy the eggs laid around the old Broken Hill mine. The drop feels long to Matthew. He’s been dreaming of this for a while and it seems that his dreams are coming true. Pani follows behind, tentacles flailing in the wind. This is her first deployment, along with Matthew. They’re both rather excited. But also fearful of the possibility of death. They land softly on the metal ground, ready to fight!

“Let’s slpit off, Torvald and Jack go together and take the eggs inside the mine. Me and Matthew will take the ones outside.” Val says, demandingly.
Torvald and Jack run off, inside the mine. Torvald’s yell of doom can be heard not long after as the two begin tearing through the shell of the egg.
“Hey Matthew. Are you OK? You seem shaken up.” Val says concerned.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine. As long as I have Pani here I’m set. All good to go. At least as long as the writer decides it that way.” Matthew says, looking into the sky.
“Alright. Whatever you say. Let’s focus on the objective now.” Val says, looking strangely at Matthew.
“Let’s go! I’m so excited! First time on the hunt! Adrenaline pumping. Heart racing. It’s unique. Pani seems to be enjoying it too, don’t ya girl?” Matthew say, running his hand through her tentacles.
“It’s indeed a thrill, at least the first time. Then you star getting into it all. The things these Monsters have done. The people they’ve killed. It’s really bad when you get all the details.” Val say, looking at the ground.
“Let’s not think about that. I didn’t write it to be like this, and neither does the one currently writing want it like this. We’re both trying to have some fun, make it interesting for people. You know, the readers. The players.” Matthew says, looking deeply Into Val’s eyes.
“Yeah, OK. Whatever. Are you sure you’re OK? Like %100? I know no one on this crew really is, but are you at least to their level?” Val asks, with a puzzled look.
“I’ll be fine as long as the writer makes it so. We’ll be good. Well be fine. Isn’t that right reader?” Matthew says with a smile on his face.
“Ok, I’ll just say that the “writer” is your God. That will make it a lot less weird.” Val says picking up pace.
“So, where’s the egg? How far away?” Matthew asks?
“About 50m.” Val says.

They approach the egg. Val begins shooting it when Pani sends out an electric burst! She feels her nerves and muscles become energized as she reloads and firez her gun faster than she has ever done before. Mathew shoots out his arc spikes and they begin chaining into the egg. Electricity fills the air as the spikes connect to one another, creating a massive triangle of lightning. The air around them crackles from the energy. The egg explodes into a mass of red goo. Matthew picks up his spikes and the three carry on to the next egg.


I’m looking for opinions on Matthew’s character. What are your thoughts on the crew in general?


I love that Matthew has a tamed Mammoth Bird. I guess if anyone could control a Mammoth Bird it would be Matthew.


Isn’t it Jackal? Or is Jackle a play on words?


I don’t which way to spell it. If it is Jackal then I’ll change it.


Jackal is the name of the animal that amazes Jack. Wouldn’t be surprised if TRS called him Jackle though.


@xxBAscoobyxx @SedoUmbra @SledgePainter I updated the story with some more lines. Any thoughts on how Matthew is developing as a character?


Love the way he breaks the fourth wall, such an interesting idea that I have never thought of before.


It makes writing him easier. Allows me to say my thoughts directly to myself.


So… By writing Matthew… You are essentially talking to yourself?? :joy:


Yes, yes I am.


It also helps connect to the reader by giving them questions to answer or statements to think about.


That’s true.


I also think it makes the character vastly more relatable.


@VenomQuill I forgot to tag you. Thoughts?


For some people, I bet it does. I, personally have never been fortunate enough to fight along side dat booty against Monster Eggs. :smile:


Behemoth is coming in soon.



I should most of it done my tomorrow.


No idea when that will be in relation to my time, but I’m watching the thread so I’ll now either way. :smile:

Looking forward to it.