What did you just buy?


Discuss your latest purchases!

Evolve Jade Behemoth skin: $2.99
Evolve White Tiger Goliath skin: $2.99

Mortal Kombat XL (PS4): $61
Evolve Tiger Goliath skin: $2.99
Evolve Hornet Wraith skin: $2.99


Durex Play Massage: $8,79

Dora the Explorer coloring book: $2,99


Alien, Jason and Predator (MKX Characters, £3.99 each)


Groceries - $132.67
Car wash - $7.00
Coffee for my wife - $5.29


Smite- $0.00
Extra Work Hours- $0.00
Car Insurance- $1,250.00


A floating duck: insurmountable cost
Peanut Butter: 90p


Smite $0.00 and its looking good so far.


The Divison $59.99
LOVE it so far

@browngpt lmao that’s “very” expensive. It’s a fun game but a lot of bad teammates made it unfun. But since I got The Division, I don’t really play it anymore now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Before I downloaded Smite I was playing nuclear throne (11.99) and is still playing it but currently waiting on the update to fix it because yeah can’t do what pc has access to. (You can basically unlock things but can’t use them) I like Smite due to its League of Legends like system.


I’m not into much of Conquest of Joust, I really like Arena, just 5v5 without worrying about defending towers, just kills. MotD is cool since it changes daily, which differs from day to day.


Just so you know, we do have a Smite thread.


Yesterday, son Goku t-shirt


Wow… :open_mouth:


Nothing- $0.00

It’s fun being broke. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was $1,580 but I worked some things out with my lawyer and got it lowered.


An energy drink for 8 swedish kronor… I WANT MY PAY DAMNIT


AWP Dragon Lore - 1200$
Workout supplements - 250$
Rainbow Six Siege - 60$

Then I woke up, look into my wallet and started crying


Fishing supplies 40.00
Fishing license 30.00


A month??!!??


No, it’s only $600 every 6 months. So $100 every month technically. The $1,250 is due to me totaling my car.