What did you have for Lunch today?


Share your lunch! We have people coming together all over the world on these Forums, and I for one LOVE exotic cuisine. :blush:

So share! (Pictures are welcomed :smiley:)

I had stuffed pork with mashed potatoes and grilled carrots :smiley:



Ooo is that like Burger King or McDonalds?


A variety of Sliders, Salad and fries from Marleys. Google Fiber provides nice lunches often :stuck_out_tongue:



Neither, I canโ€™t stand most fast food. But Mr. Burger is good!


We have this local joint in town called White Hut Burgers, and they are SOOO GOOD. It won an award for best burgers in New England!


Marleys is awesome!


Got to try their BBQ Bacon Burger ones (I think that is what they were) today and they were fantastic :slight_smile:


I think I know where Im going for dinner :wink:


An unhealthy amount of thin mints.
I got some problems ^-^


Oh my you may wanna eat something more filling!


I donโ€™t think you understand, I ate so much I donโ€™t think ill be able to eat dinner >_>


Ooooooo my :laughing: I use to do that with Starbursts


I used to eat Shock Tarts for โ€˜lunchโ€™ during high school.


Shock Tarts are amazing! I can only eat like 1 Roll though >.>


They burn off your tongue tasters after sucking on them for too long :stuck_out_tongue:


I didnโ€™t eat lunch, but I ate rice for breakfast. I also had coffee, if that counts.


Ech, why do they have to be so damn good :cry:
My stomach is tryna kill me rn :sob:


Sure why not? :laughing: Rice and Coffee huh? Interesting combo :blush: was it good?


Dont eat so many next time dummy! :laughing: Im gonna have to hide them from you! Takes Mints and locks them in the cupboard