What did you give and get for Christmas?


I got two cases of hair-and-body soaps from different people. Almost like they are trying to give me a hint.
And a new headset, which is pretty cool.

I also gave everyone shampoo because I don’t have any money, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Merry christmas to you all!

I have my dog a belly scritch, and he gave me a wonderful bite on the thigh…But he was just trying to be affectionate, so it’s ok. :3

A close friend gifted me Soma (you know who you are you glorious fuck) and yeh. O.o


I got a fucking heater for my room. Long story short, it’s my dad’s excuse for a present.


It’s not Christmas for me yet :sweat_smile: .


I got my mother all of the Star Trek movies though.


I got chocolate, a massage ball, stretching tool, fallout 4 (again), aftershave, some clothes, a garmin (tracks your steps) and a towel.

And I gave the greatest gift of all, love


not christmas for me yet either, however i have a suspicion i might get a video card. 0.o If i do, then the possibility of me playing evolve at home will sky rocket.


I got some ornaments and gift cards. I didn’t really want anything this year so I’m perfectly fine with what I got.


3 table games:
Bang! With all the expansions
Si oscuro signore (don’t know if it exists elsewhere other than italy, @Matthew do you know it?)

And a Riot Points recharge for LoL.


I’m not sure what I got but I gave my brother Dying Light because he looooves zoombie games for some reason.


I got money and used it to buy ARK Survival Evolved, pretty fun and addictive :sweat_smile:

And I bought a new pair of Crocs :stuck_out_tongue:


some riot points would be good for me. thinking about getting a few more characters


Getting project fiora, vandal twitch and maybe pool party mundo… love dat ukulele


haha. im thinking about Vlad, Malphite, Caitlyn or Zyra


I recomend you cait, post mini rework she is funny to play. (Trust me, i main adcs, especially Draaaaaven)
But i can suggest you, by experience, Vlad, lately he has been pretty good and maybe a bit op.


yea i do Tahm, Naut, Elise, and Twisted Fate mainly. i play primarily against bots because im more casual and prefer the fun


Yeah! It’s published in America through Fantasy Flight as “Aye, Dark Overlord.” Never played it, let me know how it is!

Bang! Is one of my all-time favorites.


Try it! It’s damn awesome. You can’t imagine how funny it is :smiley:


Also, how many times in Bang! you got the outlaws killing each other by accident annihilating themselves? For me, it happened too many times xD


I has Chewbacca bathrobe but it makes me look like a Jawa because of the hood and the fact I’m so short. Sigh.
On the other hand, we got a grilled cheese maker yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAY! Lets see… What else. I got a spa set, I was hoping for bubblebath but… It’ll do. Socks, baking trays! Cake trays! Cake tins! Pie tins! FRYING PAN! I CAN FINALLY MAKE ALL THAT STUFF I WANTED TO! TRS CUPCAKES HERE I COME AMIRITE GUYS?! Heh… Hehh… Ahem…
I also got a new turtleneck from my boyfriend, it’s white :3