What did the hunters start as?


Any chance to see earlier iderations of the hunters we’ve come to know?


I’ve been looking forward to seeing a post related to this, I’ll be watching :smile:


If you watch the first footage of Evolve, they have Val with her hair in a bun rather than her beret.


I meant more was Val a he originally kinda deal.


I think that Val was originally going to be a guy, but there was never too much concept art for him. They noticed a lack of female characters so they just made Val a chick since she wasn’t finished


I’m hoping this is stuff that will be included in an art book. :smile:


As an aspiring Conceptual Artist, I love seeing things like these.

It’s always interesting to see everyone’s take on many different things in the gaming world, and with games you too are interested in. Some games of course have much more leeway with conceptual development than others, where some games have a strict guideline to follow as “We want this and need it to be this” versus “We’d like this, but show us what you got” types


Didn’t they all originally start as this?


If bucket started like that it would blow my mind


Maybe he’s part of a veterans program from a Dystopic possible future?


With how often they die and come back in drop ships I would say they probably all start as cheek scrapings in a test tube :stuck_out_tongue: