What did I do wrong?


I just got 3 automated messages from @DamJess that my post was hidden for being offensive.
I have no clue of what post that may be. I don’t remember calling people out or being offensive…
What did I do…
I should just give up on being a regular now… :frowning:


The pms should link you to what got flagged, but some people flag a bunch so iunno.
And no.
I got flagged like 10 times in a single thread once. #Still reg


people just be hating they can flag any post


It’s in the head shot challenge, I think it it’s because you and mammoth were derailing the thread a bit. You can delete the messages and they will leave your history :wink:


I wasn’t trying to derail the topic at all.
The term HEADSHOT implies shooting the head but for behemoth I’ts different
So I asked a question He’s the one who was being rude.
@Gems Thanks I withdrew those posts.

Haha He flagged all of my posts because I legitimately flagged one of his for being racist.


I know, I read the convo and I didn’t think you were in the wrong either, his sarcasm wasn’t warranted. But now all you have to do is delete the messages and they won’t be on your record.

No problem, glad I could help. Those flags were unwarranted because you weren’t being abusive or insulting.


I agree. I wasn’t calling out or trying to be offensive


There are a lot of people who can’t take any direct crtizicing and are allergic to facts, jokes and memes.


How do I find out if I have ever been flagged?


I believe you get a notification/message saying that one of your posts was flagged

Also @xino_zero & @Quirkly, I believe the flags have to be verified by a Dev/mod/leader(?) to make you lose/uneligible for Regular status


Iunno, I’m not knowledgeable


I’m just assuming that because you’re still a regular, unless you used your illuminati contacts to get them stricken from the record


If only i was being upset when i got a PM by Jess by flag…Right now i would be dead


If you have no more than 5 flags you’re fine for Regular.


Does an automatic msg from @DamJess count?


No, I have like 17 of em


I would suggest sending Jess a pm about the matter.


There is no need sending jess a message :stuck_out_tongue: Like a bot sends the PM from Jess account.She literally can’t do anything about it.

Its simple.People get offended easily.They flag.Boom.PM and hidden.Its not being proccessed(or whatever the word is) by anyone.Its all automated.

Nothing to worry here guys.

What?You are winning?Oh well.I have like 100 timeouts in twitch from the Evolve streamers.Beat that xD


Best part is?
All from the same thread…



I want to be in that thread.