What’d you guys do over the holidays?


I’m going back to my base right now, and I’m pretty bummed out that I’m going back from HBL, and managed to get sick along the way. How were your holidays, and what’d you guys do?


Nothing exciting. Had some family over on the 26th. Happy to have spent the day with my nan, but not really interested in seeing anyone else in my extended family.

Was my birthday on the 29th. Went out for dinner with the fam. Got some links taken out of my watch that I got for Christmas so it was wearable.

And I got hammered on New Year’s eve.

I’ve spent the last 3 nights staring out into my street with my injured dog while my dad is out walking her sister.

(what’s dis?)


Holiday Block Leave. :wink:

I had family over in Xmas eve then drove across the state to visit in laws on Xmas day.

NYE we celebrated Critmas with our group and on NYD we did nothing because I’m old so I was exhausted and slightly hungover. :blush:


Went on a cruise to the Bahamas. Ate good food. Went to Atlantis. Played video games.


…One of these things is not like the others…


Visited the folks back in Oklahoma. Every one got sick 2 days before we left for home so that sucked but the rest was really nice.



Mostly necessary research on setting up a business and a bunch of other crap associated with my little game project with Grizzle and friends. I won’t share anything on that front… yet. It’s getting interesting though, and I’m excited to see what the guys and gals I’m working with want to share in the next 6 months to a year.

As for what I got for the holidays, I am a simple man, I requested tools for Christmas. I got tools. Now I just need my college crap to stop breathing down my neck. /momentary grumble

Hope everyone’s great. :slight_smile:


You said in a thread last year that you were gone to work with Epic Games, so I thought you meant you wouldn’t go back on the forums. So why on Earth are you back here, by some random magic, like someone spawning back out of nowhere with a “pop”, commenting on this thread after you said months ago “I hAvE tO gO, mY pEoPlE nEeDs Me.”?!




The water park


Guys I did the most amazing thing over this break!!

I slept well


Must be nice… :unamused:


I’m inclined to agree with @TheMountainThatRoars. I’d rather sleep for several more hours than I do now. :confused:


I have to wake up at 0400 to work out every fuckin dayyyyyy


I get up one hour later and don’t work out…but I ready 2 kids for school so… :stuck_out_tongue:


Generally 5 daily, I go to work early (I’m a morning person!) and I don’t drink coffee or take a shower to wake up.




Never said I was a normal person. :slight_smile:


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