What creatures was Behemoth made from?


The more I look at the Behemoth, the more I am certain the devs put a spider, frog, gorilla, and lizard together to make him. Any thoughts?






Take out the lizard and add an armadillo and crab and you got it


YES AN ARMADILLO!!! That would be the combination


If you would’ve added a picture of a boulder instead of a sidewalk it would’ve been one of the funniest things ever but sadly you ruined it… WAIT! There’s still time! CHANGE IT!!!


this is behemoth 2 me xD


Haha xD

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If you look at his tail he looks a lot like a turtle. That’s what makes sense to me.


Obviously rock lobster :slight_smile:


A rock, an armadillo, and a crab.


His tail looks a lot more like a Uromastyx tail than a turtle if you ask me .